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Explore the museum that holds 56 million rare artifacts

Hoang Hai – Pham Thanh (TV reporter in the US)Sunday, May 29, 2022 13:56 GMT+7

With an area of ​​less than 600 square meters, located inside the New York Public Library building, the Polonsky exhibition is smaller in size compared to other museums, but the historical value inside is enough to overwhelm the thick visitors. most experienced.

Speaking of the New York Public Library, you will imagine one of the five largest libraries in the United States with huge book collections. But few people know that with a history of 126 years, this library is also a museum storing artifacts representing more than 4,000 years of human history.

Placed at the entrance to the exhibition and also one of the museum’s most valuable artifacts is a handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. He transcribed this Declaration for a friend shortly after July 4, 1776 – the founding day of the United States of America.

Declan Kiely, Exhibition Director, New York Public Library, said: “What you see in this exhibit is the most valuable part of our collection, it’s of great value in terms of its spirit. gods, representing the achievements of all mankind. As for the physical meaning, of course, they are priceless, but some things are insured for millions of dollars. sold for 10 million dollars.

Explore the museum that holds 56 million rare and precious artifacts - Photo 1.

Open to the public since September last year. Currently, the New York Public Library Museum is displaying more than 250 of the 56 million rare artifacts kept here. Artifacts are diverse in types from manuscripts, works of art, letters, pictures, recordings… and all have a unique historical story behind.

The key on display here is one of the fascinating secrets of the New York Public Library. This was the key to the Croton Reservoir, which supplied New York City with clean water throughout the early 19th century. The present Library Building was built on top of the reservoir in the 1890s.

Mr. Anthony Marx – President of the New York Public Library said: “We want people here and all tourists around the world to come to New York to visit us, everything is completely free. That’s it. our public commitment. We raise money from private sources. The Polonsky family has supported and funded this exhibition. We are also continuing to raise funds.”

New York is one of the most expensive tourist cities in the world, however, the clever combination of paid and free services is also one of the ways to attract tourists to this city.

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