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Female streamer “e-girl hot tub” has a move that makes fans worried- Information Technology

The top famous female streamer in the “Hot Tub Meta – hot tub” movement intends to leave the 18+ platform OnlyFans to come to Twitch.

Previously, the streaming platform Twitch created a channel called “Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches”. This is the place where the “Hot Tub Meta” movement started, attracting a large number of followers. This movement gives viewers the streaming scene of female streamers with hot bodies, especially these girls just sitting in a hot tub and interacting with the fan community in a wet state. ace.

Female Amouranth streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa led the movement with over 500,000 hours of watch time at the time. Possessing a sexy body and often “burning eyes” on viewers with bold scenes, Amouranth quickly attracted a large audience. In addition, she is also a popular “e-girl” content creator of OnlyFans, a very popular paid 18+ platform.

Female streamer

Amouranth has always been at the forefront of the “Hot Tub Meta” movement.

Recently, Amouranth has announced its intention to leave OnlyFans as soon as next June. She tweeted that she has invested $350,000 to $400,000 in Twitch and that she plans to transfer her influence to the platform.

Female streamer

Amouranth wants to leave her “e-girl” image on the 18+ platform OnlyFans.

According to information from Twitch and TwitchTracker, Amouranth is the most viewed and second highest earning female creative streamer on the platform. She is the face of Twitch’s erotic “Hot Tub Meta” and “Ear Licking Meta” movements. Besides the large audience on Twitch, she also earns a significant amount of income from OnlyFans.

Her departure from the “e-girl” image on OnlyFans is not surprising as she is frequently banned or disqualified from monetization, because the live-streaming platform Twitch has regulations against pornography. Amouranth has admitted that it is impossible to maintain a hot image forever, because it is inherently short-lived and often gets into trouble.

Female streamer

Female streamer targeting Twitch with a “huge” following.

She said she is investing in content that is unlike anything she has done before, but did not share specifics. This raises the question of whether her hot images will no longer appear in front of fans?

Responding to a tweet concerned about her paying OnlyFans users, Amouranth said she will be shooting more content for gradual release before her career turning point occurs.

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