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Forcing the mistress to become ugly so as not to seduce anyone other than herself-Young

Sunday, May 29, 2022 14:05 PM (GMT+7)

When men are blindly jealous they can do the unthinkable.

Forcing the mistress to become ugly so as not to seduce anyone other than herself - 1

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Geetaben, an Indian woman was forced to pull out 2 teeth by her lover to become ugly so as not to seduce anyone else. And yet, the 57-year-old man who works as a tricycle driver in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, also forced his lover to quit his job as a maid.

Still uneasy when he left her at home, he forced her to sit next to him while driving. Unable to bear life like in prison, the 55-year-old woman jumped out of the car and ran away.

Ms. Geetaben then called the women’s helpline for help. She said that she and her lover have been in love since 15 years ago. “We were all married at that time and left our wives, husbands and children to come together,” she said. Their life was quite peaceful until last year, when the man became more and more jealous and suspicious.

“After forcing me to pull out my teeth and quit my job, he was afraid that other people would come to me when I was home alone, so he covered all the windows with clear plastic sheets so that no one could see me from the outside,” she said. .

Falguni Patel, a representative for a women’s helpline, came to the man’s advice because Geetaben said she didn’t want to sue because she still loved him. The driver wrote a pledge that he would no longer control his mistress.

Meet blind jealous people, how to avoid?

Blind jealous people always think that their lover is their property, so they don’t let anyone intrude.

In relationships, this blind jealous person often compares and thinks that he is better than any other opponent and that no one can love his lover more than himself. At the same time, jealousy often comes from feeling uncertain and insecure about women’s feelings for them, not really confident in themselves and not confident in their girlfriends. Always lose faith in yourself.

Blind jealousy is always overwhelmed by negative emotions, they often hate all friends of the opposite sex when having sex with their lover, even acquaintances. They do not distinguish right – wrong, right – left, always causing a feeling of suffocation, discomfort in the emotional relationship between two people.

Blind jealousy also leads to paranoia, as many people mistakenly believe that blind jealousy will have the effect of protecting the happiness of the couple, but it is just ignorance and blindness. They often have low self-esteem, guilt when being broken up or having a third person interfere. Blind jealousy often leaves people in an emotional state of pessimism, insecurity, anxiety and easily falling into a state of hatred.

Having the mentality of wanting to control all the actions of a partner and often “showing” all other objects to be inviolable, is the most obvious manifestation of blind jealousy. All of your partner’s every move wants to be under absolute control, where you go, what you do, and who you talk to are monitored.

Thus, making your partner suffocated, frustrated, and distrustful. When it culminates in dehumanizing acts. Jealousy easily leads to violent acts, excessive jealousy easily creates violent acts in men.

Forcing the mistress to become ugly so as not to seduce anyone other than herself - 2


Therefore, in order for the people involved not to lead to blind jealousy and hatred, it is necessary to pay attention to the following skills:

Identification skills: To do so, you must recognize the level of your relationship, respect your partner, and accept what can happen in a relationship.

Emotional mastery skills: In any situation, it is necessary to control emotions. Love also makes people do miracles but also makes people destroy themselves, destroy lives.

Behavioral skills: The people involved also need to be very alert and careful in emotional relationships. Do not have a gesture, behavior that your partner expects too much and when they do not achieve the goal, they can act at all costs.

Be very alert, when there is no longer love, you should express it frankly and also avoid letting your ex-lover fall into a state of disappointment, boredom, insecurity, loss of trust and lead to reckless behavior.

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