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Hero saves motorbikes that lost their brakes and fell down Tam Dao pass

A hand saved a motorbike that lost its brakes when going down Tam Dao pass

Video: Nguyen Hai Sinh

Ms. Duyen, who sat on a scooter SH Mode, said that she and her group of friends went to Tam Dao to play from the previous day, at noon on May 29 while on the way down, the accident happened. In the car, besides Ms. Duyen, there was Mr. Long, her friend was the driver and a baby was the child of another friend. The three are not a family as many people claim on social media.

“Friend Long has only been in Hue for a few months, so he doesn’t seem familiar with how to go downhill with a scooter, you brake a bit too much and when you reach km 17, you lose your brake,” Duyen said. The place where the accident happened is about 6 km from the top of Tam Dao.

Fortunately, from the top of the car, the slope was very slow, as soon as he discovered that the brakes were lost, even though the steering wheel was no longer stable, Mr. Long tried to crash the car into the rear of the 29-seat passenger car that was also going downhill, so the speed was kept very low. , only about 10-20 km/h.

After the crash, Mr. Long wiped his feet on the road and tried to restrain the car while Duyen kept the baby from panicking. At that time, Mr. Chien was on his way to Tam Dao to repair his motorbike, because he had encountered many such cases, he immediately guessed that the car had lost its brakes.

He turned around, catching up with the scooter, one hand driving and braking, the other keeping the SH Mode to a safe stop. Thanks to carrying a motorbike repair tool, Mr. Chien changed both brake pads for the SH Mode to continue on the road.

“Anyone in that case will act like me,” said Chien, not wanting people to overestimate his work. Also thanks to SH Mode going slow from the beginning, Chien was able to pull the car back.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hai Sinh, a passenger car driver (a vehicle with a dash cam in the video) said that he heard a loud crash in the rear, the car vibrated, and then saw the motorbike swerving down. At first, he still didn’t know that the motorbike had lost its brakes, but he thought that the motorbike caused a collision and then fled. It was not until the car stopped that he understood the problem.

Going downhill by scooter is always one of the dangerous things that should not be done by people with little experience in going uphill or downhill. Because, continuous braking with vehicles with old brake systems, without maintenance for a long time can cause brake failure.

Scooters can’t shift gears to brake the engine like gear cars. The skill to slow down and limit the use of the brake with the scooter is that the driver inched the throttle slightly to feel the clutch (the car hums, not slips). Then let the car self-lock the engine, add the handbrake only when necessary.

Although there is a way to handle it, braking with a gas scooter is still not as effective as a manual car. Therefore, if you do not have experience, you should choose a car with a gear to go downhill. If using a scooter, it is necessary to check and maintain the brake system before each trip and use the skill of speeding to safely downhill.

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