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How did Le Quy Don give up his arrogance and become a great scientist?

Le Quy Don was an official of the Le Trung Hung period, and also a poet and great scholar of our country. From a young age, he was considered a child prodigy, at the age of 5 he had read many articles in the Book of Poetry, at the age of 12 he had read a lot of books about the centurion.

How did Le Quy Don give up his arrogance and become a great scientist?  - Photo 1.

(Illustration: Painter Sy Hoa, Binh Phuoc Online Newspaper)

At the age of 17, Le Quy Don took the exam. Huong passed the first prize, ie Giai Nguyen. In 1752, when he was 26 years old, he took the Hoi exam and got the first place, which means Hoi Nguyen. When he entered the Dinh exam, he passed the first place in the table label (because this exam did not take the poinsettia) and was appointed as an official by the Court.

Being young, winning first place, becoming a big mandarin, Le Quy Don was born arrogant and conceited. However, this bad character changed after he experienced a few incidents, some of which were recorded in “Dai Nam main story compilation”There is also an oral tradition in folklore.

At that time, Le Quy Don was confident that he had read all the books in the world, thousands of books. He sent someone to make a signboard right in front of the entrance to his house with the words: “The world is most suspicious of self-questioning” (Meaning: In the world, anyone who does not understand a word should come and ask).

When his father, Dr. Le Phu Thu, died, many acquaintances came to mourn, including an old man that Le Quy Don did not know. Grandpa said: “I was young, but he was a close friend of my father from a long time ago. But because of the poor family, long distance, old age and weak health, they rarely visit each other. Now, when I heard that my father had passed away, my son was righteous, so I came to have a couplet to pay tribute. My hand is shaking, please take a pen and paper, I will read, ask you to write for me.”

Le Quy Don took out the paper, the old man read it “spend”Le Quy Don didn’t know what to write because there are many homophones in the word Nho, so he waited for the old man to continue, but the old man continued. “spend”.

Le Quy Dong was surprised and asked again: “Please say ‘chi'”. The old man said: “Oh, brother, your son passed the label but can’t write the word ‘Chi’, so you hang the sign in the alley for people to ask, how can you answer that?”

At this time, Le Quy Don was also embarrassed, especially when many Confucian scholars came to pay their respects around. Then the old man continued to read two very interesting parallels:

Chi Chi Chi spent three decades, chained to the district of Hong Chau Quan Thuong at

Why at the foreign natural book, digging flowers to save water Tu Ha only?!


After more than thirty years, he was still there.

Far beyond that thousand miles, where are the flowers drifting to you?!

The couplets were so good and strange that Le Quy Don and other Confucian scholars were surprised. As for the old man, he kept prostrate before the coffin of the deceased and said: “Hey brother, where did you go so that your child could pass the label without knowing how to write the word ‘chi’?” After bowing, the old man walked out with his cane. Although Le Quy Don invited forever, he definitely did not linger.

After his father’s death, Le Quy Don often went to the temple to pray. Once seeing him coming, the monk in the temple happily said:

Quan Bang to the temple, how lucky! The poor monk has something to ask for guidance. It’s not the poor monk’s child who heard someone quizzes on words and asked, but the poor monk couldn’t think of it, so he had to follow the mandarin’s instructions. ‘The most doubtful self-interrogation’. The puzzle is like this, please guide me:

Supreme Highness,

Immortal child,

Release the suspect below,

Impossible at the top.


On can’t on,

Below cannot be below

But should be below

Can’t stay above

Le Quy Don struggled to think but could not think of it. At this time, the little dong suddenly ran outside and said that he had solved it. When asked by Le Quy Don, Tieu Dong said it was the most word (一).

First sentence: “The Supreme Child” is the upper word 上 without the upper part, so it becomes the word Nhat 一.

Sentence two: “The Immortal Child” is the word Lower 下 without the lower part, so it is also the letter Nhat 一.

Verse three: “Release your suspicions” is the word Drop 且 and the word Nghi 宜, then there is the word Nhat 一 at the bottom.

Verse four: “Impossible at the top” is the word Real 不 and the word Kha 可, then the word Nhat 一 is above.

Le Quy Don knows how to use the meaning of people to solve the puzzle and get the word right away “best” in the sign “Most Self-Interrogation” to mock yourself. In addition to being ridiculed by the old man at his father’s funeral, he immediately understood that there were still many talented people in the world, but no one was as arrogant as himself.

When he got home, the first thing Le Quy Don did was send someone to put the sign away. Since then, he abandoned the arrogance of youth, studied and studied diligently, thereby becoming a great scientist in Vietnamese history.

Besides giving up this arrogance, Le Quy Don also made another mistake in life. It was in the 1775 Association exam, he negotiated with his good student, Dinh Thi Trung, to exchange the book for his son, Le Quy Kiet. Unexpectedly, the Trinh Lord made a bet with King Le, thinking that Thi Trung got the first place, which led to the review of the exam and the discovery of the change of books. Since then, Le Quy Don’s favorite student was exiled, his son was imprisoned and demoted as a commoner. It can be said that Le Quy Don became successful because of the examination, and the examination was also the biggest black spot in his life.

If you think about it, a few hundred years ago, there was a big problem with the religion in our country. Although it is still possible to train talent, it is a very long slide overall, which is even more prominent today. Is the crime in the faculty? Or is it in the hearts of people?

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