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How to eat safely?

The link between barbecue and cancer

Research has found that deep frying or grilling at high temperatures of red and processed meats produces two chemicals, heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

In testing, HCAs and PAHs have been shown to be mutagenic. If consumed in excess, they can cause changes in DNA, which increase the risk of cancer.

HCAs are formed when amino acids (the building blocks of protein), sugars, and creatine (a substance found in muscle) react at high temperatures. HCAs are mainly found in meats cooked at high temperatures.

PAHs are formed when fat drips onto coals or is placed on a fire to cause a fire. This extra flame contains PAHs that then stick to the surface of the meat. In addition, PAHs have been detected in other scorched foods. However, even if meat is not burned or cooked to high heat, smoking meat can increase levels of PAHs.

Studies in rodents have shown that when HCAs and PAHs enter the body through the oral route, these species can develop cancer cells such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and cancer. Prostate. However, we still need more research to determine the specific link between barbecue and cancer in humans.

Even so, Dr. Stephen Freedland, director of the Center for Integrated Research on Cancer and Lifestyle at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, USA, says eat a lot of grilled meat (for example, two to three meals). a week for many years) can cause cell damage and increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

A favorite dish of many people can increase the risk of cancer: How to eat it safely?  - Photo 1.

Artwork: Regularly eating grilled meat can create cell damage and increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

How to eat grilled food safely

We don’t need to eliminate baking from our diets. Changing the foods you bake or change the way you cook them can also help reduce your risk of getting sick from eating baked goods.

1. Limit roasting red meat and processed meat

Excessive consumption of red and processed meat can both increase the risk of cancer. The risk of cancer increases when you grill red meat and processed meats. Red and processed meats are high in fat, and when grilled, the fat drips onto the coals and produces more PAHs.

Instead of grilling red and processed meats, we can roast leaner meats with less fat like chicken, turkey or fish.

2. Grill more vegetables

Besides grilling meats, we can also grill more vegetables, tubers and fruits. Grilling vegetables, tubers and fruits will not create substances that increase the risk of cancer, so you can safely enjoy the delicious taste of grilled vegetables.

In addition, vegetables, tubers and fruits are also rich in vitamins, fiber and nutrients. Therefore, alternating grilled vegetables can help support the digestive system and reduce the burden on the stomach when eating grilled meats.

People can chop vegetables and skewers alternately with small pieces of meat for grilling. This is a great recipe for barbecues. By cutting meat into smaller pieces, you will reduce the time it takes to cook the meat, which in turn reduces the chance of creating carcinogenic substances when grilling.

A favorite dish of many people can increase the risk of cancer: How to eat it safely?  - Photo 2.

Illustration: Grilled alternately vegetables, tubers and fruits with meat to add nutrients.

3. Note the temperature and time of grilling

When grilling or cooking meats, you need to avoid too high of a temperature or grilling for too long that the meat is scorched.

In addition to the temperature and time of grilling, people can also cut the meat into thin slices to help the meat cook faster.

4. Remove the scorched flesh

When grilling meat, some scorched meat may appear and what you need to do is cut off the whole scorched part. Because the parts of meat that are scorched are the parts that contain the most HCAs.

Avoid exposing meat to direct heat or hot metal surfaces for long periods of time (especially at high temperatures) as this makes it more susceptible to scorching. Therefore, during the grilling process, you should change the grill regularly to limit the situation of burning meat.

A favorite food of many people can increase cancer risk: How to eat it safely?  - Photo 3.

Illustration: It is necessary to cut off the scorched meat.

5. Marinate meat

Marinating meat before cooking not only adds flavor to the dish, but also reduces the formation of HCAs. The American Institute of Cancer recommends that meat and fish marinate for at least 30 minutes before grilling because it can reduce the formation of HCAs.

You can make simple sauces with vinegar, oil, wine or lemon juice, along with other herbs and spices to add more flavor to your dishes.

6. Cut off the fat on the meat

Fat on the meat drips and creates smoke, causing PAHs when grilling. So, cutting back on extra fat or choosing leaner cuts of meat for grilling can reduce this risk. 20220527161950572.htm

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