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If you want to grow sweet melons on the terrace, you must know this secret at the wrong time

Planting melons On the terrace, collect all the weights

Mr. Nguyen Duy Linh (45 years old, living in Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City) did not expect me grow melons on the “backhand” terrace, but it’s so bountiful.

Mr. Linh said that his main job is as a mechanic. 4 years ago, he always wished to have a garden full of fruits and vegetables to serve his family and have a green space for his wife and children to relax.

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Experience grow melons on the terrace: Delicious, eye-catching melons are grown on the terrace of Mr. Linh’s family.

Thinking to do it, he started renovating the 60m2 terrace, lining it with bricks and adding waterproofing additives. With the advantage of very cool brick, not hot when taking care of and very cool for the floor below.

He divided it into a greenhouse (net) area and an outdoor space for growing vegetables, grow melons and some other fruit trees.

The good father is still doing everything by himself, from buying iron and steel for framing, truss for planting trees; install membrane houses; dig soil, mix soil, carry each bag of soil to the terrace to mix…

On the terrace garden, Mr. Linh grows a lot of different vegetables and fruits from kale, lettuce, spinach, water spinach, sweet potato, spinach… to fruit trees like strawberries, mulberry, guava, Thai apple, lemon of all kinds.

Especially he is very cool grow melons when the root always gives fruit at the time.

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Experience grow melons On the terrace: When harvested, each fruit weighs about 1.5-2kg on average, but some fruits weigh up to nearly 4kg.

Seeing dozens of pots of Mr. Linh’s melon trees everyone must wish, on average, each tree is 1 fruit, but there is Linh’s tree to try for 2-3 fruits at the same time, and all give good weight.

On average, each melon weighs 1.7 – 2 kg, but there are varieties that give fruit weighing more than 3 kg. During the harvest season, he and his wife cut more than 100 kilograms of melons.

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Experience grow melons on the terrace: Anh Linh in her dedicated garden.

Experience grow melons effective

According to Mr. Linh, grow melons If you want to succeed, you must first handle the process of mixing the soil thoroughly, he usually mixes phosphate and lime, then dries it in the sun, then incubates it in a barrel for 10 days.

Next, Mr. Linh mixed manure and nem against trichoderma and then incubated for a week before planting. The growing medium includes: 40% of the soil, 40% of the rice husks, 20% of Japanese organic fertilizer and vermicompost.

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Experience grow melons On the terrace: Melons need to be planted in a sunny spot for more than 5 hours a day.

Attention garden owners, should not grow melons too thick, because this is a very sun-loving plant. When planting melons on the terrace, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough sunlight for at least 5 hours/day for the new plants to grow well and produce high-quality fruit.

For good plant nutrition, we must properly fertilize each stage. Linh’s secret to sweet melon is to add banana juice or custard apple manure when the melon has created a net, note reducing water 10 days before harvesting.

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Experience grow melons on the terrace: “smiling” melons are like piglets.

What makes him happiest is that the terrace has long become a place to relax for both the family and the family. After eating, the whole family went up to the terrace to watch the melons grow every day.

In particular, after 4 years of growing vegetables on the terrace, his family now has the initiative to source clean vegetables, not having to buy vegetables at the market.

Let’s admire more skills of growing melons and growing green vegetables of Linh and his wife:

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Experience growing cantaloupe on the terrace: In addition to growing cantaloupe, he also coolly grows a variety of vegetables and fruits for daily meals.

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Experience growing cantaloupe on the terrace: The vegetables are also very lush.

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Experience growing cantaloupe on the terrace: The chili plant is tired of picking.

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Experience growing cantaloupe on the terrace: Anh Linh can also grow many types of vegetables and tubers on the terrace

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Experience growing cantaloupe on the terrace: The garden is a place to help his wife and children have fun, relax, and bond.

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