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Jurgen Klopp reveals the reason why Liverpool fell to Real Madrid

Coach Jurgen Klopp believes that Real Madrid’s tight, pragmatic approach to the game causes difficulties for Liverpool, causing them to receive a bitter defeat in Paris on the night of May 28.

Trying to be optimistic after Liverpool missed the appointment with the Champions League crown, Jurgen Klopp frankly admitted that the tactics that Real Madrid outlined had prevented The Kop from having a perfect match.

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Salah quietly left the field after defeat

In fact, for most of the game, Real Madrid gave up the game to Liverpool. They defend firmly in the home field and wait for the opportunity to counterattack.

Salah, Mane or Thiago had dozens of opportunities but were powerless to penetrate Courtois’s net. The Belgian-born guard played 90 minutes of ecstasy with 9 saves.

Speaking after the final, Jurgen Klopp said: “In the dressing room at this moment, the general atmosphere is relatively disappointing.

Liverpool played the game well, but not perfectly. The reason I think is the way the opponent approaches the game with pragmatic tactics.

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Coach Jurgen Klopp tries to pretend he’s fine

We want to bounce back and be more assertive after the break. However, the opponent defended tightly, not revealing much space for Liverpool players to exploit.”

After his third defeat in the European final, Jurgen Klopp still manages to be optimistic: “The feeling of losing to Sevilla in Basel or against Real Madrid in Kiev is very different.

Although we did not achieve the desired goal, I think Liverpool will come back strong. We will book a room in Istanbul for next year’s Champions League final.”

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