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Maximus wrote a regretful “heart letter” after announcing his breakup with Team Flash

Ahead of AIC 2022, the Mobile Team Flash squad made the first moves, opening the way for personnel changes. Accordingly, the team’s fanpage posted the official farewell to Maximus – Kuga – NTZZ – Medusa. Specifically: “ THANKS & FAREWELL – TEAM FLASH’s TALENTED SUPPORT GENERATION.

Because of the personal intentions of the players, Team Flash officially said goodbye to the members of the young talent class: Maximus – Kuga – NTZZ – Medusa.

Thank you for your contributions to Team Flash in the past time. Wish you will continue to pursue your passion and soon succeed with your personal plans in the future.”

Maximus wrote a regretful

The post was more or less received as a surprise by the fan community. Most notably, the farewell to Maximus, a young player who had high expectations when he “launched” and also spent time with the senior generation. affection for fans as well as having a certain number of fans for himself.

Maximus wrote a regretful

After the announcement from the team, the player also posted a letter with regret covered:

“Every joy must come to an end, the past 1.5 years in FL have been happy and sad, but it is important to meet the people who have taught me from small things to big things in both work and life. living. I’m the one who probably gets the most curses and pressure when I dare to accept the jungle in the FL team, a position that is probably the legend of the team. But thanks to those things, it makes me even more motivated to try harder, the result is the winter playoff, unfortunately, there is only a little bit more to go to the final.

After finishing aic, my team was eliminated from AIC because the Arc team at that time felt helpless when watching my teammates lose like that.

Done in the spring of 2022, ADC switched to AD and let himself go to the main jungle. After the first 3-4 matches, ADC said he saw you being cursed too much and wanted to go back to the forest to curse with you” – I remember the memories I had with my seniors.

Maximus wrote a regretful

After the SEA Games qualifiers that framework is probably a developing framework but maybe due to many things the second leg has to change and I also watched for a few matches and went to the playoff to fight with BOX that squad only trained for 1 day. had to hit 2 days of tension, and once again thought that the framework was developing but who knew the word doubt. The only regret is that I can’t play AIC where I’ve put in the effort. Well, I wish you guys in the team all the best at AIC and in the future. Thank you for everything and the FL team is a family.”

Below the post, there are many speculations about the cause of this separation, but fans still hope that the guy will soon find a new destination and succeed with his future plans.

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