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Miss Mexico miraculously survived a plane crash

According to the sheet California 18, the mayor of Tepic city, Nayarit state, Mexico is beautiful Geraldine Ponce, former Miss International Mexico who survived a plane crash. Reportedly, she was traveling with her group to an event with Governor Miguel Ángel Navarro in Nayarit.

According to the city government, the city president suffered some minor injuries to his shoulder and decided not to take him to the hospital for medical examination. Although the plane crashed, she and her companions miraculously suffered only minor injuries. Geraldine Ponce has decided to continue with the set work schedule.

The plane carrying the whole group of people had a problem that caused it to make an emergency landing on the Mesa del Nayar runway, Del Nayar, Nayarit state. During a quick landing, the plane collided with a tree branch and crashed into the school fence, causing damage to the wing.

Miss Mexico miraculously survived a plane crash - Photo 1.

The scene of the plane crash of Miss Mexico. (Photo: California 18).

“They had trouble traveling by air to the city of Del Nayar to attend a meeting, to discuss the Justice Plan for the Wixárikas,” the newspaper said. El Universal write.

Hugo Alejandro Galván Araiza, Chief of Staff to Cabinet Tepic, said he spoke by phone with the mayor after the accident. He confirmed that Geraldine Ponce is in a completely normal condition, despite the impact of the accident.

Agents from Nayarit Police and the state prosecutor’s office have arrived at the scene, but there has been no official report on the incident. Mayor Geraldine Ponce did not share further details.

“I am grateful for everyone’s concern for me. We are fine after the incident,” she said.

Miss Mexico miraculously survived a plane crash - Photo 2.

Before entering politics, Geraldine Ponce participated in many beauty contests. (Photo: IT).

Geraldine Ponce was born in Xalisco, Nayarit on 4/4/1994. Before dedicating to politics, she won many beauty contests. She was crowned Miss Universe Nayarit. In 2016, the beautiful representative of Mexico participated in the Miss International contest in Japan and entered the top 15 finalists. She considers herself the second most beautiful woman in Mexico.

In the June 2021 election, she became the first mayor of Tepic, after serving as a member of the House of Commons. Previously, she graduated with an engineering degree in Business Management from the National Institute of Technology of Mexico.

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