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Not in the police department but watching ‘Underground Storm’ makes me angry for them

Perhaps it is rare for a prime-time movie to encounter as many mixed opinions as Underground storm. Amidst the “storm” of praise and criticism for this golden hour film, readers VietNamNet keep commenting.

Police make police movies without chopping

Do not “stone” or criticize too much, but a part of readers frankly affirmed Think storm there are still “gritty” or unreal details. Tran Minh’s friend commented: “It’s too bad for a brave police officer like Trieu to let a third person fall into a love trap, and a policeman to have a girl using a bed to lure her best friend’s lover is too bad. It is not advisable to build such a police character. Fighting and competing for titles are okay, but revealing work secrets and breaking the unit’s special projects to fight is stupid. that’s not real, not true to life. The rest is ok.”

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Actor Thanh Bi in the movie Underground Storm.

Reader Duc Ky Luong also “picked up” the film’s flaws: “The filmmakers thinking storm, including actors and editors and producers, mostly in the police industry, but the film’s construction does not depict the police industry. The degenerate, metamorphic cadres they are not as obvious as Colonel Tuat has not yet revealed the degenerate element, so what do we need to see anymore? The secret police (undercover) entered the cafe to find an unprofessional seat. Police make police movies without chopping. In general, there are many flaws.”

You ***9589 are equally meticulous when analyzing: “Movies Underground storm Should have only left about 30 episodes. Multi-volume content is too lengthy for a single detail. Mr. Tuat showed no talent. The deputy head of the department that goes to the district meets with the district police as the position of the director of the provincial police. Ms. Lam’s police skills are too weak, and she has fallen in love with the character of a doctor. It’s too easy, too simple, for the police to get information from the lair. Leaders praise Trieu too much, the solutions offered do not make viewers happy, surprised, or burst “…

Screenwriters should humbly accept the audience’s opinions

Probably from these “grains”, the writer of Underground Storm also became a character that was “dissected” thoroughly. Reader ***0457 quoted the screenwriter’s words: “I witnessed Cao Thai Ha collapse in the middle of a scorching hot field, 1-2 degrees of freezing cold nights in a cave to film footage” when stating his opinion. ants. “Don’t cover up with one thing. Most of the audience is reacting to the scriptwriter and the actor’s performance, not denying that hard work but hard work is not necessarily a good movie.”

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Screenwriter Dao Trung Hieu and actor Nguyen Hai.

Anh Phung’s friend asked about the scriptwriter: “Dr. Dao Trung Hieu may be very good at criminal psychology. But scripting is a completely different matter.” Readers with the nickname “Viewer” meticulously analyzed: “I don’t want to write, but I have to write a few lines because of the way to build the characters Hai Trieu, Yen…, especially Ha Lam. many new employees, even the new employees, are very good and quick, but it took me 3 years to fix my mistakes.

Ha Lam the author’s construction is too far from reality. Fresh out of school but super, knows everything, is also good (watching the scene of Ha Lam driving a car, taking a bath… it feels like a luxurious lady, not a police soldier image – very funny). Then the film prolongs the time for the emotions that are ambiguous and unreasonable… while this is not a romantic movie. I wonder if the details, how to build a character like that is okay?”.

Reader Phamnguyen Nguyen also had the same opinion: “Bitter medicine to cure disability, the truth hurts… Films shown to the public are works of art but to be artistic, they must have aesthetic and personal values. I’m not in the police force, but when I watch the movie, I’m also angry on their behalf.. The image building is not achieved, the acting has no depth, lacks the sense of reason and bravery of a police soldier. people, especially the female protagonist… Europe is also because the director chose the wrong actor; the scriptwriter was cumbersome and confusing”.

Reader Thong Tran shared: “My whole family doesn’t like it and doesn’t watch it. I watch a few episodes to evaluate the quality correctly, give suggestions for standards, not tell me to follow social networks. Comments are to make things better. just get better”.

Viewers are “finding worms”?

In addition to criticism, many readers praised the film as good. You *** said: “People are confusing the movie with real life. I think, if the scriptwriter can color the movie a bit, it’s okay because it’s a feature film, not a documentary. No need to be 100% true. Movies like this, only insiders know if it reflects correctly or not?Nevertheless, the film still reflects reality in most aspects and audiences or insiders. We also have to accept the truth: life is not as rosy as we think it is. Writers and producers are responsible for the content and serving the audience, they are more worried than we are.”

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Reader Hoang LC commented: “Underground storm It’s not a good movie, but it also contributes to the true voice of the current police force.”

Pham Nam Phong agrees with Dr. Dao Trung Hieu’s opinion because: “The film honestly reflects the current communication culture of all social classes, including some individuals in law enforcement agencies. The loopholes and subjectivity of criminals is the key for police agencies to solve complicated and troublesome cases that occur in social life. .

Hoa Do affirms that “the movie is very good” when expressing interest in the author’s sentence Dao Trung Hieuthat “Underground storm According to this reader, the film reflects reality, but the theme is honoring the feats of friends, teammates and the author himself. Tell me what is the police, what is the investigation “…

There are compliments and criticisms, readers like Nhu Phuong or ***2529 shared: “The disparaging comments of some people are nitpicking, digging deep. I think the movie is worth watching”.

Tiep Ngohuy advises the production team film: “The director may or may not be receptive to the audience’s feedback. This is very normal. No matter how good a movie is, it can’t be spared criticism. The director should keep his opinion and original version. The new field is not “digging in the middle of the road”, in order to keep the film’s consistent idea circuit”.

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