Real Madrid won the Champions League thanks to their iron faith in strength

Real Madrid played the final Champions League in a lower position compared to Liverpool. In the whole match, Carlo Ancelotti’s teachers and students only had 3 chances, one-eighth compared to the opponent. Real Madrid was cornered, just like the previous 6 matches against PSG (round 1/8), Chelsea (quarterfinals) and Man City (semi-final), but “White Vulture” still passed.

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Thibaut Courtois’ impressive performance (9 saves) was the highlight of Real Madrid in the final. The Belgian goalkeeper played brilliantly, denying the tenth chances of Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mane.

The better Courtois plays, the more questionable Real Madrid’s victory is. Is a team trying to defend, then waiting for the goalkeeper and striker to shine to win the championship?

According to writer Jonathan Wilson of The Guardian, it is difficult to analyze the tactical superiority of Real Madrid’s play, but it is impossible to say that “White Vultures” won the championship thanks to “good luck”. Real Madrid ascended the throne because of their iron faith in their own strength. That belief was described by the British journalist as so firm that it was “unshakable”.

Real Madrid’s Faith

At every stage of life, the most precious gift anyone can possess is confidence. There are people who succeed and we can’t explain why. What did they do to be successful? What lies behind the things they did, that we only see a small part of? Real Madrid’s 14th Champions League title is one such example.

Real Madrid cannot win by luck alone. There must be more to it than that. In the matches against PSG, Chelsea or Man City this season, Real Madrid have fewer shots than the opponent. Early this morning (May 29), Liverpool There are 24 chances to score in front of Courtois’ goal.

The rare difference between the final and the previous matches was that Liverpool had no chance to take the lead over Real Madrid, and Karim Benzema failed to score.

Real Madrid won the Champions League thanks to their iron faith in strength - 1

Real Madrid won the Champions League.

Liverpool have suffered from a strange “syndrome”, like all Real Madrid’s opponents have experienced, that is suddenly making mistakes, unable to perform the simplest tasks.

Experienced players become immature and insignificant, the biggest stars fail to show their worth, every time their team has to face Real Madrid.

Passes to the wrong address, crosses too hard, dangerous strikers are disabled, … is what happened in the final this morning with Liverpool.

The defenders and goalkeeper in the red shirt were solid all season, but ended up falling in unison in the penalty area when Benzema finished at the end of the first half. Only VAR could prevent Liverpool from escaping a goal. .

Liverpool had a clear chance to score goals, such as the situation where Mane hit the post or the ball caused Courtois to save many times. At no point, however, did Liverpool create a sense of certainty that they would find an equalizer. The vocals in Liverpool’s “You’ll never walk alone” in the last minutes seem no longer encouraging, but only resounding in despair and helplessness.

Real Madrid won the Champions League thanks to their iron faith in strength - 2

Real Madrid (white shirt) is always brave and alert.

Courtois’ saves stopped Liverpool’s belief in victory. In the first situation, Courtois crossed out of the goal, using his foot to block Salah’s narrow corner. In the second situation, the Belgian goalkeeper flew to push Salah’s forte far corner shot.

The Egyptian striker finished in the trademark way, but Courtois somehow still swung his arm to block the ball in time. The way his teammates jumped to celebrate with Courtois showed it was a brilliant save.

Courtois has been one of Real Madrid’s best players this season. With the big teams, the goalkeepers can sometimes be the heroes in a few games, but when the goalkeeper plays brilliantly throughout the season, that’s unusual.

Real Madrid has had a strange season. “White vulture” overcame difficulties thanks to his steel spirit and ability to create match-defining moments when needed. The way Courtois saves time and time again is a testament to the quality of this goalkeeper, but also shows that Real Madrid are not a team that is good at controlling the game.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team needed Benzema to score from the tiniest of chances, Luka Modric to create magical passes, need Vinicius with his back-to-back movements.

Real Madrid won the Champions League thanks to their iron faith in strength - 3

Coach Ancelotti has the 4th Champions League title in his coaching career.


Real Madrid just need the best players to still shine regularly, that’s enough. The pillars of the club are aging. Kylian Mbappe, the player who was once expected to be the core of Real Madrid, has decided to stay at PSG.

Real Madrid will have to rebuild the squad, but no matter what, the faith of this team remains unchanged, shining and enduring as in the early days.

In an era when most top coaches have a philosophy, like Pep Guaridiola who adores control of space or Jurgen Klopp who favors gegenpressing, coach Carlo Ancelotti brings a strange taste.

Who can believe that Ancelotti will become the first coach to win the Champions League 4 times, when in his entire career he only won 5 league titles and broke up. Everton with a 0-5 loss to Man City?

That’s what Real Madrid is. They are different, and won’t need a blueprint to become champions.

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