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Son Tung M-TP and responsible company… he did it all by himself

When “There’s No One At All” only has Son Tung M-TP deciding the entire operational strategy for a famous and extremely sensitive name… is himself, unnecessary mistakes keep appearing.

Son Tung M-TP with one hand carries the whole country

In addition to the message in the MV that caused a stir and then anger, the song completely in English received many compliments and criticisms, a remarkable and surprising thing in the project “There’s No One At All”. ” of Son Tung M-TP is the fact that his name appears in a variety of positions: composing, producing music, running a project, even a costume. It can be seen that the product has the bold identity of Son Tung M-TP, although it is a bit “meaning on the text” and crammed with too many hot topics to express the purpose, but the inexperienced expression makes the message conveyed in a dark and negative way.

Originally an underground artist, self-produced music is what Son Tung M-TP has been doing for more than a decade. Most of the songs released by the male singer have become super hits, many international handshakes are the first and the only one, Son Tung M-TP’s musical acumen is what has changed. proven by product thickness and quite long operating time.

However, the fact that one-handedly handles the production of all music and also controls the MV and media makes everything out of control.

Son Tung M-TP and responsible company... he did it all by himself - Photo 2.

Great artists don’t stand alone

Self-producing music from AZ can be the optimal solution when the artist is still active underground. But with a very large audience – which in the case of Son Tung M-TP is nationwide coverage, even a small negligence can cause an entire career to plunge like what the singer is going through right now.

So far, Son Tung M-TP has always chosen to remain silent as the way to respond to all scandals. With a philosophy of focusing on products, the male singer has been successful when his products have achieved many achievements and the Sky fandom is also the most powerful fandom in Vpop. However, silence only seems to be the cure for petty scandals. After a very long time of encountering a love scandal with female singer Thieu Bao Tram and rookie Hai Tu, the silence of Son Tung M-TP has added fuel to the fire, pushing all three names above. into the center of attention, criticism and, of course, fake-news that become official news when insiders don’t say a word.

Originally, this was the time when Son Tung M-TP had to have a communication strategy other than the “singular” attitude. But no, the male singer remained silent and continued to release “There’s No One At All” after a long time of silence. “There’s No One At All” and before that “We Are Now”, debuted without a specific media plan, or MTP Entertainment’s official plan is…no plan. With the name of Son Tung M-TP, a Fanpage of more than 14 million followers and a Youtube channel of nearly 10 million subscribers, we are not talking about how to propagate the product. The name Son Tung M-TP alone is an expensive communication guarantee ticket, the important thing here is product orientation, anticipating and handling crises… all cannot depend on just one end. brain of Son Tung M-TP.

Son Tung M-TP and the responsible company... he did it all by himself - Photo 3.

Artistic instincts don’t like to be controlled, this is already well established. It is not natural for the Western media to call the K-pop industry a “doll factory”, when almost all idols are polished and put into definite molds. Not producing their own music, not mastering the concept, or even building their own style, personality, etc., many K-pop idols are just placed at the prepared dining table, behind them is a giant machine. The status of idols is also lower because of that, but in return, they have a safe career until the last minute: failure in music is not due to them, success is not entirely due to them.

However, working alone is never a good method. An artist cannot fully assess the risks and opportunities of launching a product like an experienced media professional. Similarly, an artist can watch many music products, know all the stages of producing an MV, but how to reduce the content to fit the audience’s enjoyment and enough meaning, not piled up. A flood of messages is something that is easier for a hard-core producer to read than a non-specialist.

And if there is a scandal – even the smallest, smaller than being condemned in all the mass media and forced to remove the MV, it will be better to have an expert handle it than to wait quietly for it to pass. .

Son Tung M-TP and the responsible company... he did it all by himself - Photo 4.

No one dares to say that G-Dragon is an artist without a strong personality, but behind the success of the male singer is still the support of YG. BTS participates in almost every song in the huge musical fortune, but the worldview and development vision, communication efforts must definitely credit Bighit. The handshake between Taylor Swift and cult director Joseph Kahn was described by insiders as “the ideal relationship”. That is how great artists in the world exist and develop. Being knowledgeable in all fields is a good thing, but it would be better if singers just focused their efforts on music, and left the rest to the experts in their field who have put in the same effort. What is the way Son Tung M-TP makes music to create a position for himself.

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Son Tung M-TP has 10 years or more to hone his talent, somewhere there will be a media expert who has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years, a photo director who has studied for longer. position. The three people’s total of thirty years of experience couldn’t be worse than the result of the male singer trying to manage everything by himself.. And the truth is, “There’s No One At All” with the name of Son Tung M-TP densely located on the credits is already a low note that threatens to overturn the rare S-level star position that has existed for more than half a decade. past.

The handshakes with the previous bosses of Son Tung M-TP (musician Huy Tuan, musician Quang Huy) ended quite smoothly, but in the end, the male singer still chose to establish MTP Entertainment. “Lac Troi” proves that Son Tung M-TP’s decision to stand independently on his own two feet is the right one, when the song’s melody and image are both completely stripped from the obsession of “plagiarism” or trademark. Wepro’s famous Drama MV brand.

However, the rapid change of forms of access to entertainment of Vietnamese audiences, the production level of domestic producers gradually improved, the spending ability of the latter class of artists also increased. “Not the right form” makes the name Son Tung MTP – which is already rare to launch a product – not too far away from the rest of Vpop. And when social networks have become a “family house” of the new era, controlling public opinion is no longer as easy as when “Lac Troi” was born. The Son Tung M-TP brand, at the same time, has also grown with many records set, famous international cooperation times, and is also much more vulnerable when a part of the public is always trying their best. digging into the artist’s privacy to satisfy curiosity.

From the times when going to a closed event like a bag, to the times when you are in the newspaper, you can count on your fingers and culminate in recent times, when scandals and product launches are without a person in charge of the media, it is not difficult. realized that Son Tung M-TP might not have trusted anyone but himself. It can also be seen that the popularity, ability to break Vpop with products and … the scandal of Son Tung M-TP is unprecedented, so it becomes difficult for the male singer to choose a partner. than.

However, the damage of the “There’s No One At All” event will certainly be somewhat reduced if, after the storm of public opinion occurs, the press can have a clue to contact MTP Entertainment that is not directly related to the CEO. Even with the involvement of a keen media expert, it is possible that the trouble surrounding this MV could have been stopped in the first place with the editing of the MV, planning a sequel to form a trilogy, or release time delay.

The relationship between artists, producers and media in the entertainment world has always been a symbiotic relationship. Of course a singer like Son Tung M-TP can live and work for his passion without needing the other two factors, but that’s the right thing for Son Tung M-TP 10 years ago.. As for the male singer’s position now, when he is too far from the ground and further away from the underground, to be able – as Suga (BTS) said – to land safely without hurting anyone, the Leaving the media position open, closing the door to the press and running a “limited liability company… you take care of it all” is extremely dangerous, because events like… the cake and even “There’s” No One At All” may repeat at any time.

The leader will always have to shoulder heavy responsibilities. Sometimes, it makes them become withdrawn and only believe in their own decisions. They can climb to the top of the present alone, but that peak will forever be their limit, if they do not learn to share and trust their partners. The companions will be what help them conquer the next heights, not just standing in one place and thinking that they have the whole world in their hands.

Son Tung M-TP and responsible company... he did it all by himself - Photo 6.

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