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The £6 million superyacht was “torn apart” by fire, evacuating beachgoers

Reuters Description yacht The boat was “torn apart by fire” and in the image released by this news agency, half of the boat was on fire, black smoke billowing up.

Devon and Cornwall Police said no one was injured in the fire. All people involved were safely evacuated. They did not disclose who the owner of this superyacht was.

The £6 million superyacht was ripped off by fire, evacuating beachgoers - Photo 1.

Super yacht burst into flames loading British port of Torquay

Police and fire officials also said the yacht was 26 meters long and contained up to 8,000 liters of diesel fuel. To ensure safety, they have asked some surrounding areas and nearby beaches to quickly evacuate, advising the public to stay away. Residents nearby were asked to close their doors and windows.

Follow The Independent, The superyacht is believed to have broken from its mooring lines and is being protected by firefighters near the pier. When it caught fire, it caused everyone to panic when the mooring line caught fire and drifted towards the pier, but the functional forces were able to control the situation.

The local environmental agency confirmed the yacht had sunk on the afternoon of May 28; while a spokesman for the Devon and Somerset Fire Service said five fire engines were at the scene to deal with the blaze.

Also follow The Independent, The value of this superyacht is about 6 million pounds.

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