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The broker committed suicide, many “triggers” were in turmoil

At about 4 pm the same day, the wife went to a meeting with parents to send her children home and called her husband BTT (SN 1984, living in Trang Dai ward, Bien Hoa city) and opened the door but kept calling but no answer. Suspecting something bad, the wife asked some neighbors to open the door to go inside and found that Mr. T had hanged behind the house.

The broker committed suicide, many

The police cooperated with functional forces to inspect the house where the incident occurred.

Those present quickly cut the cord, brought Mr. T to the floor to conduct first aid but failed. According to some people in the area, Mr. T works as a land broker in Dong Nai.

The broker committed suicide, many

“Storks” of land and curious people gathered to listen to the incident.

Knowing that Mr. T died by hanging himself, many “storks” of the land rushed to Mr. T’s house to see the situation. Curious people also gathered in front of the victim’s house on Than Nhan Trung Street, Trang Dai Ward to watch.

Received the news, the police of Trang Dai ward and the police of Bien Hoa city coordinated with the functional forces of Dong Nai province to blockade the scene, investigate and clarify the incident.

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