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The house on the top of the mountain covered with clouds, filled with the scent of flowers

Da Lat city (Lam Dong) is blessed with wonderful things by nature, with four seasons in one day, a pleasant climate, thousands of colorful flowers… This is also a place where many young people choose to “leave the city, home”, live life with nature and plants.

Ms. Moc Nhien is one of them. A few years ago, she began to get bored with the hustle and bustle of the city. At this time, she had accumulated a small amount of capital, so she decided to change and let herself do what she loved.

Moc Nhien found Da Lat, bought land, built a wooden house and a “hand made” carpentry workshop (handmade, limited quantity) – producing furniture from pallet wood, pine wood to serve customers’ needs. personal demand. She and her workers built a dreamy wooden house, surrounded by thousands of flowers, plants, and fruits grown by organic methods.

The wooden house appeared in the cloud cover.

Beautiful scenery, brilliant flowers in the garden of Ms. Moc Nhien’s house. All are cultivated and cared for by her by organic methods, doing clean agriculture.

The wooden fence, steps and many things in the house are made by the owner himself.

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“My dream is to wake up every morning, realize that my soul still sees everything in this life as good, my heart is light, I can breathe and immerse myself in a world created by myself.. .. My beloved family is healthy, everything is light because I just want to live a peaceful, simple and complete life every day. For me this life is very impermanent, just live happily what I like and the destination are the two words Happiness”, Moc Nhien said.

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The interior of the house keeps the classic and rustic spirit. The set of chairs is hunted by the owner, bought on the second-hand shop.

Pure, nostalgic, rural living space of a girl born and raised in modern times.

The porch is wide with wooden trusses, the top uses a plastic sheet to block the rain and bring light to the yard.

Peaceful scene during the day. From here, homeowners can enjoy slow living days, feel the passage of time, and mingle with heaven and earth.

For all kinds of plants, Ms. Moc Nhien herself composted fertilizers, watered with probiotics to fight pests and diseases. Abundant vegetation, intercropped according to the characteristics for the best growth.

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Life is impermanent, so just live calmly, calmly feel and do what you like.

Her life is likened to a paradise with a mountain top covered with fog all year round. Every week, if she has time, she likes to go for a walk in the pine forest next to her house. You just need to stop and put your arms around a tree, listen to the wind, footsteps and birdsong to regenerate enough energy for the weekend.

Unlike the garden at home, which always gives her a feeling of safety and comfort, walking in the forest stirs up more intense emotions. She especially likes natural forests, where trees grow randomly, interweaving many types with unique and distinctive ecosystems.

When walking on such trails, her brain temporarily disconnects and enters a more relaxed and rested state.

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The bedroom has a lot of light, homeowners can let themselves be “lazy” a bit, zoom their eyes out into the distance to watch the sunrise every morning.

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“I feel happy, happy from the simplest things, living with my dreams,” said Ms. Moc Nhien.

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