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Three mistakes when using the microwave

Many people complain about the efficiency of the microwave, such as food not heating evenly, food splashing in the oven…

In fact, most problems users have with microwaves, are likely to be their own fault, including what power level to use, how to change the settings, and what type of container. best fit…

Illustration: House Digest.

Illustration: House Digest.

There are 3 common mistakes that many people make.

Don’t know how to set the right mode

One of the biggest complaints about a microwave is that it heats food unevenly. Usually, however, this is not due to the machine’s wattage or cooking time, but more likely to the power level you turn on. Most of us do not care about the functions of the microwave but leave it at a certain temperature (usually the highest), then put the food in the oven and press the start button.

Setting the oven to the highest setting can cause the bowl and top of the food to heat up very quickly, but the inside will still be cold. So to avoid this, choose one of the lower power settings with a longer cooking time. Of course this means you have to wait a few more minutes for the food to heat up, but this method will ensure the food is fully heated.

Also, the low power setting is great for quickly softening things like butter or cream without melting and boiling.

Do not choose a safe container

Many people worry that using microwaves is not safe for health due to the radiation of the oven. However, that is not the case. The danger comes from the food containers you put in the oven. For example, plastic and styrofoam that are not heat-safe can release harmful chemicals into your food. Even containers that are labeled as microwave-safe refer only to reheating food, not spinning for long periods of time. To be on the safe side, you should only heat food in porcelain or glass dishes, rather than plastic ones.

Do not cover the food when turning

Many people are frustrated because microwave ovens are difficult to clean, but the problem stems from when you turn food, you don’t cover it. As a result, the microwave can get very dirty, due to splashes of sauce, along with a variety of other food residues.

To get around this, it’s best to cover the food (but not tightly) when it’s in the oven. You should also clean up food splatters immediately. Occasionally, you can give your oven a deep clean by placing lemon slices in a bowl of water, spinning in the oven, then using a towel to wipe away any remaining residue.

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