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Three people died in the house in Phu Yen, suspected of being murdered

Entering the house in Hoa Hiep Trung ward, Dong Hoa town (Phu Yen), many people panicked and discovered three bodies inside, surrounded by many blood stains.

At noon on May 29, the Phu Yen Provincial Police and functional forces blocked a house in Phu Hiep 3 neighborhood, Hoa Hiep Trung ward – where the bodies of three people in a family died for autopsy. investigate the case.

The functional forces stretched ropes and set up barricades to prevent curious people from focusing on the incident.

This morning, people discovered Mr. Nguyen Cu (60 years old) with his wife and 28-year-old daughter lying motionless, dead in the house. There were many blood stains on the scene. Inside the house there were many disturbances, traces of struggle. People saw panic, immediately informed the authorities.

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The scene where 3 family members were found dead, suspected of being murdered in Phu Yen

According to the 85-year-old grandmother (natural mother and Mr. Cu) said, last night she went to celebrate the anniversary. When he returned home, he found the door closed, turned off the light, repeatedly called the door, no one opened it, so he thought that his wife and son were away. She lay outside and slept until morning without realizing it.

Meanwhile, many people living nearby reported that Mr. Cu’s daughter and her husband often had conflicts, so she took her 3-year-old son and daughter to her father’s house. The ex-husband also often comes here, many times arguing to raise children. However, when the incident happened, people did not find the child.

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The police are examining the scene, performing autopsies to investigate the case and working with the people involved to find the culprit.

Xuan Ngoc – Tram Tran

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