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Turning on flight mode to ice cream addresses in Saigon makes you “melt”

There is no cold winter like the North, Saigon is hot all year round. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when ice cream is always a very hot keyword when it comes to this place. If you are a fan of sweets, crazy about cool, melt-in-your-mouth snacks, don’t miss the trip to unique and delicious ice cream shops in Saigon. Surely the journey to discover the city named after Uncle Uncle is more interesting thanks to the fresh taste of unique ice cream sticks.

Rose ice cream

As beautiful as the name, this rose ice cream has made Saigon’s youth crazy with its unique taste and attractive appearance. The famous Italian ice cream – gelato has brought an attractive taste. Not only that, they also have a variety of colors corresponding to different flavors. You can freely choose a favorite flavor and enjoy. You can even choose to mix flavors with each layer of petals one color, which is also an experience worth trying.

Saigon cuisine with cold food makes visitors

Ice cream with a look that makes people fall in love

To enjoy this hot hit rose ice cream, visit Roseice Saigon. This is a name that is highly appreciated by Saigon teenagers because of the rich menu with not only delicious but also beautiful ice cream dishes. In particular, the space of the shop is also quite beautiful with cute pink tones, helping the girls to check-in freely for millions of view photos.

Each flower ice cream at the shop has a price ranging from 55,000 VND – 77,000 VND depending on how you mix.

Snow ice cream

You are looking for an ice cream with a “super giant” topping, try this now. Snow ice cream looks quite similar to Korean bingsu. The cream will be finely grated and placed on top of the glasses. On top of it are a variety of delicious side dishes such as popsicles, marshmallows, cinnamon or cereal, tube cakes… For an ice cream lover, the filling of snow ice cream is sure to satisfy you.

Saigon cuisine with cold food makes visitors

Ice cream cups make you want to eat right away

Snow Cup is the recommended address for this delicious ice cream. Here you will enjoy delicious ice cream, both sweet and cool, the more you eat, the more you love it!

Fried ice cream

The name sounds interesting, right? This is one of the unique ice cream dishes of Saigon, associated with the childhood of many generations. And no matter how many new dishes appear and become a trend, fried ice cream is still an indispensable part of dates, hanging out on the sidewalk, sipping with friends.

Saigon cuisine with cold food makes visitors

Unique fried ice cream in Saigon

A strange combination of flavors of this ice cream is worth trying. This Saigon delicacy consists of ice cream and sandwich layers. A layer of greasy cream is sandwiched between pieces of cake and fried to create a unique flavor. Take the first bite, a little crunch from the crust and then the sweet coolness that melts on the tip of the tongue of fresh cream, this flavor is extremely addictive.

If you want to enjoy the standard taste of Saigon fried ice cream, you can visit Xom Chieu market.

Cream inlaid yellow

Not only Dubai gold-plated beef, Saigon also has equally luxurious ice cream. Come to Takashimaya Saigon, you will taste the expensive ice cream with a layer of gold surrounding the outside.

Saigon cuisine with cold food makes visitors

Dubai-style gold-plated ice cream makes young Saigon crazy

This ice cream is flavored with vanilla, matcha or traditional ice cream. What is more interesting is the thin 24k gold piece wrapped outside. Of course you can fully enjoy them. You can also choose ice cream dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with gold on top. These are also unforgettable experiences for that trip to Saigon.

Cream of fish sauce and cream of pho

You did not hear wrong, in Saigon there are ice cream dishes that just look at the name and see it wrong. If you are a person who likes to experience and explore, ice cream of luck, ice cream of pho or ice cream of beer will give you unexpected moments. As the name suggests, 40-degree protein fish sauce is one of the ingredients that make up fish sauce. While the unique fish sauce flavor still retains the sweetness of the ice cream… try enjoying to feel each layer of these flavors!

Saigon cuisine with cold food makes visitors

“Strange” Pho ice cream at Ralf’s Artisan Gelato Café

If you have tried fish sauce, remember not to miss a friend similar to pho ice cream. The ice cream with the salty and fatty flavor of pho, the fragrant aroma of cilantro… makes you unforgettable. The address of this mouth-watering ice cream is at Ralf’s Artisan Gelato Café. However, if you want to experience the traditional taste, the shop also has vanilla, chocolate, coconut…

This summer, let’s visit Saigon and experience these interesting ice cream dishes. Just cool off the super cool summer, and have unique and strange check-in photos, pick up your backpack and go to Saigon right away.

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