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Unique beer that tastes like honey, produced from ‘wastewater’

May 29, 2022 08:45 GMT+7

Singapore has taken brewing innovations to the next level with the introduction of a honey-tasting beer made from wastewater.

Singapore’s new creation amazes all. The Singapore Water Authority has teamed up with local craft brewery Brewerkz to offer a special craft beer made mainly from ultrapure water.

Unique beer that tastes like honey, produced from 'wastewater'
Unique beer that tastes like honey, produced from ‘wastewater’

As an island nation known for its cleanliness, Singapore is a country that has succeeded in turning wastewater into ultrapure drinkable water.

This time, the Singapore water authority used clean water recycled from wastewater to make a new beer. Looks and tastes like regular beer, plus a hint of honey, the new beer is 95% made from water recycled from wastewater.

The water is treated at Singapore Water Authority’s water reclamation plants before undergoing further purification using advanced membrane technology and UV sterilization.

The new beer proves once again that Singapore’s famous recycled water not only complies with international standards for safe drinking water, but is clean enough to make other beverages.

The brewing process specifically requires clean water so as not to affect the flavor of the malt, and farm yeasts are highly sought after from Norway.

Tan Wee Han, owner of Brewerkz, said: “Newbrew is proof of high-quality recycled water, shows sustainability, and still tastes great.”

Before that, this beer was first introduced at the 2018 environmental conference, but then it was not put on the market.

After more than 3 years, craft beer fans will have a chance to taste this unique drink. Beer made from recycled water is officially on the market.

The Singapore Water Authority shared that by creating a new beer, they have found a way to solve the water crisis and raise awareness about Singapore’s water scarcity.

Jason, 31, said: “I have tried and can distinguish it from other beers. The drink is new, has a special taste.”

This is not the first beer made from recycled water in the world. Water companies in several other countries are also partnering with breweries to offer similar beers. In 2017, in San Diego, US craft beer company Stone Brewing launched a beer made from recycled water.

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