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Using a healer’s powder to treat burns, an infected male, 2 feet necrosis

News from Vietnam – Sweden Hospital Uong Bi (Quang Ninh), VB patient (33 years old, residing in Chi Linh – Hai Duong) is hospitalized with sores on 2 feet, deep necrosis after using powder. of the burn healer.

The patient said that before, while cooking rice, due to negligence, he was shot by hot cooking oil in his feet, but the level was not serious. Left foot has more burn area with blistering, with blisters.

Due to his fear of going to the hospital, Mr. B. listened to his advice and stayed at home for treatment according to a prescription from a healer. According to Mr. B. said: the healer came to his house and brought an orange-yellow powder that is unknown what it was made of.

After that, the healer uses a piece of chicken feathers to dip the medicine and sprinkle it evenly on the burned area of ​​Mr. B’s leg. The healer promises that after only one treatment, 1-2 days later the burn will dry out, and then on its own. from.

Using a healer's powder to treat burns, an infected male, two feet necrosis - Photo 1.

Infected feet, deep ulcers after using strange powdered medicine from a healer. Photo of BVCC

However, after 2 days of applying “strange medicine” from the healer, Mr. B saw that the burned area had pain, swelling, heat, and fluid, so he rushed to the hospital to check.

The doctors had to remove the necrotic soft tissue and re-treat the wound for Mr. B’s legs. So far, the wound is relatively dry.

Doctors from the Department of Orthopedic Trauma and Burns (Vietnam – Sweden Hospital Uong Bi) recommend that people with burn injuries from any cause, go to a medical facility or contact the staff. medical staff for proper treatment advice.

Because it is possible that from a simple initial injury like that of patient B, if handled incorrectly, it can cause more serious consequences such as necrosis causing software defects, which can lead to necrosis of tendons and muscles, causing serious injury. affect foot function, prolong treatment and cost the patient. The worst case scenario can lead to a gangrene infection and possibly amputation of the whole foot.

People should not use drugs of unknown origin on wounds because they can cause infection, necrosis…

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