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WHO: The number of hepatitis cases in children rises to 650 in 33 countries

In addition to this number of cases, there are 99 additional cases pending classification.

About a third of the 650 cases mentioned above (equivalent to 222 cases) occurred in the UK and an additional 216 cases were recorded in the US, according to a notice from WHO. Most cases of children with acute hepatitis are being monitored, all have been infected since March and April this year.

Currently, health authorities around the world are trying to understand what causes children to get sick Hepatitis acutely, the disease has caused at least 9 deaths.

There is “no evidence” that the condition is related to vaccination, the scientists said, and have also ruled out a link between dogs and cases of hepatitis. Currently, scientists are still leaning towards the hypothesis that the most likely culprit is adeno viruswhich is a common virus that causes infections.

WHO: The number of hepatitis cases in children increased to 650 in 33 countries - Photo 1.

Some children have had to undergo intensive treatment, liver transplantation. (Photo: CNN)

According to a report by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) on May 27, the number of children infected with mysterious hepatitis The number of children in the country has reached 222, including 158 cases in England, 31 in Scotland, 17 in Wales and 16 in Northern Ireland.

Renu Bindra, Senior Medical Adviser and director of important events at the UK Health Security Service, said the results of the investigations showed that hepatitis of unknown cause was found in children. may be related to the adenovirus. At the same time, experts are also looking for other possibilities that may cause this disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on May 27 announced that from April 5 to May 26, 33 countries and territories reported 650 cases of mysterious hepatitis infection, of which 74 .5% of cases are children under 5 years old.

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