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Why did ancient Chinese women like to have affairs with monks?

In ancient China’s feudal society, the status of men and women was extremely imbalanced, and it was obvious that the preference for men and women was obvious. Men have always been the masters of society, setting and changing the rules. Meanwhile, women always have to obey the three obediences and four virtues, endure all kinds of unreasonable oppression, even women with high status in society are not sure of the right to decide their own lives.

Because of that oppression that has been suppressed for a long time, many women have felt uncomfortable, resentful and wanted to rise up. Many women in the past even committed adultery, even though it was considered a very serious crime and could be punished. The strange thing is that many people choose monks as the object of adultery, so why?

According to Ifeng, in feudal China, there were many cases of women having an affair with monks. The most famous must tell the story of Tu Chieu Boi, one of the concubines of Emperor Luong Nguyen Tieu Dich. Tu Chieu Boi became the royal concubine of Tuong Dong King Tieu Dich in the New Year 518. From that time on, she took the title of Tuong Dong princess.

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However, the marriage between Tu Chieu Boi and Emperor Luong Nguyen was not happy, often at odds. Emperor Luong Nguyen only comes to this concubine room once every 2-3 years. Being estranged from the king, Tu Chieu Boi turned from suffering to resentment. She finally had the courage to have an affair with a monk named Tri Vien in the back of Kinh Chau street (Hubei province).

Another character who also has a reputation for having an affair with a monk is Empress Ho of Northern Qi Vu Thanh De. After becoming empress, she had an illicit relationship with the great minister in the court, Hoa Si Khai, who was the most trusted by Emperor Vu Thanh in the court. Later, when Hoa Si Khai died, Empress Ho often went to many temples and met a monk with a beautiful face, Dam Hien, then communicated with each other, then forced this monk to pretend to be a nun to enter. bow with me.

Once, Northern Qi Empress Dowager Cao Wei, the son of Empress Ho (who had become Empress Dowager at that time) came to visit, saw two nuns with beautiful faces, and asked about them, only to find out that it was a herd. he. The lewd affair of Ho Thi was discovered, she was imprisoned by Cao Wei in the Northern Palace, all of her lovers were killed.

In addition, there is a story about Princess Cao Duong, daughter of Duong Thai Tong Ly The Dan. Princess Cao Duong was originally married to the second son of Prime Minister Fang Xuan Ling, Fang Di Ai. However, Princess Cao Duong is not interested in her husband because this is an arranged marriage. After that, Princess Cao Duong fell in love with the abbot of a temple, Bien Co, who had a handsome appearance, polite and talented. Later, when the story reached the ears of Duong Thai Tong, he executed Bian Co and more than 10 servants for covering up for the princess.

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So why did these feudal women like to have affairs with monks? In fact, there are 3 main reasons why they do so.

Firstly, monks are considered the most leisurely people in the profession, in addition to chanting and chanting in the temple, there is almost nothing to worry about, so meeting is easy.

Secondly, monks are people who regularly meditate and practice their bodies. Although they appear weak on the outside, they are actually very energetic people, with strong stances and wills, making it easy for women. super heart.

Third, women in the past often had to obey the strict moral standards of society, men and women lived a long life without marriage, and women were not allowed to arbitrarily come out and interact with the opposite sex. Going to the temple to worship and offer incense was their only chance to get out, so the monks were also the only people of the opposite sex that they easily met. That’s why the monks naturally became the object of these women’s adultery without wanting to be discovered by others.

In this day and age, adultery is still considered against social morality, and may even be considered a violation of the law. But in ancient society, adultery of women still had to suffer terrible punishments such as pinching fingers, beating with beef tendons, clamping their breasts until they were severed, stripping them naked and beating them with sticks, even hanged to death…

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