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Why did ancient Chinese women often carry pillows when they had an affair?

Not only in today’s modern society, but from time immemorial, there have been many cases of adultery that have occurred, causing various tragedies. Chinese women in ancient times, whether they were young ladies, princesses with golden branches and jade leaves, or commoners, often brought their own pillows to the place to go on a date with their mistress. In fact, this is not a random action, but there is a reason.

According to Chinese historians, there are three main reasons why women in ancient times carried pillows when having an affair. The first reason is that the pillow represents a tragic love story when two lovers cannot come together, even appearing in famous romantic poetry. That is the love story between Cao Shi and his sister-in-law Chan Thi.

Cao Shi was a prince of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history, son of Cao Cao, younger brother of Cao Phi. Although not too famous, Cao Shi is still considered a poetic prodigy. He was the author of the famous poem “Cam Chan Phu” (later changed to “Lac Than Phu”).

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In this poem, Cao Shi mentioned a woman, Chan Thi, whom he always secretly loved and missed but could never get together, because Chan Thi was Cao Phi’s wife, Cao Shi’s sister-in-law. . Chan Thi herself also has feelings for Cao Shi, but their being together will become a great rebellion.” Later, Cao Shi was given a pillow with jade inlaid and a yellow belt, which is a relic of Chan Thi. Since then, the pillow has become a symbol of a broken love because of the fate of the village but cannot be together.

The second reason, the pillow is an extremely practical item for women and lovers when going out on a date. Their secret love affairs often take place in remote places and on lonely nights. At that time, the pillow that the woman brings will help the couple to be comfortable and easy when having sex without feeling uncomfortable or uncomfortable. It also proves that the woman is a careful, thoughtful and thoughtful person.

The third reason, this pillow is called the “love pillow”, which is also considered a symbol of a woman’s love for her lover. Women in the past, when passionately in love with a certain man, would bring an item she loved the most to give to the man as a symbol of love between them. It could be a hair brooch, bracelet, ring or a love pillow.

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One of the women in ancient China who once gave a love pillow to her lover was Princess Cao Duong, the daughter of Duong Thai Tong Ly The Dan. Legend has it that Princess Cao Duong was extremely beautiful and intelligent, and was greatly favored by Duong Thai Tong, so she married her to the second son of Prime Minister Fang Huyen Linh and Fang Di Ai.

However, the marriage between Princess Cao Duong and Phong Di Ai was not happy because the two people’s personalities were opposite. Princess Cao Duong always felt depressed, so she soon no longer had feelings for her husband. During a meal, Princess Cao Duong stopped at a temple and met the leading monk, Venerable Bian Co. Seeing that Bian Co was handsome, polite and dignified, Princess Cao Duong expressed her admiration. After that, the two secretly interacted with each other despite the taboos and obligations of the ritual.

During the past time, Princess Cao Duong once gave Bian Co a jade pillow, as a token of love. Unexpectedly later, the pillow was taken by a thief, then arrested and confiscated by the government. The jade pillow was of great value, so it must have belonged to a person of noble status, but the thief insisted that he got it from a monk.

After investigation, the illicit relationship between Princess Cao Duong and Bian Co was discovered. Duong Thai Tong was angry and immediately ordered the execution of Bian Co and 10 servants who followed Princess Cao Duong for covering up. In the end, the couple’s love pillow became evidence of infidelity, separating them forever.

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