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1977 Vlog and many content creators gather at Big Offline event

In the context of the e-commerce platform growing continuously over the years, e-commerce platforms – ecommerce platforms – also constantly compete with each other and create a fierce race. In Q2/2022, TikTok – the music video platform with the fastest user growth in the world – also joined the race with the launch of the TikTok Shop app.

In order to support individuals and businesses to quickly grasp and effectively exploit this new platform, DC Media cooperates with Nobi Pro to organize the Big Offline event “TikTok Blue Ocean – A thousand applications is not difficult” on May 28. 5. The event was media and broadcast online with more than 3000 followers on Facebook & YouTube platforms. At the night of the event, the number of participants reached more than 1600 people. They are TikTok content creators, sellers, online businesses. Among them are hundreds of famous content creators, popular KOLs such as 1977 Vlog, Dam Duc, NMT Vlog, Nhat Anh Trang…

1977 Vlog and many content creators gathered at the Big Offline event - Photo 1.

In the event, there was also a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between 3 units DC Media, Fado Group and Theanh28 Entertainment. This cooperation helps the parties promote and make the most of each other’s strengths. In addition to helping content creators have an additional source of income from Facebook Ad Breaks in-stream ads, this partnership also helps creators earn additional booking & affiliate income from partnering with the platform. Fado cross-border e-commerce platform.

During the program, a lot of useful and practical content was shared with the attendees. Famous social media blogger Nguyen Ngoc Long shared with TikTok creators the way to go up KOL from the role of KOC, to become a strong brand name on the Internet environment. Leading TikTok Marketing expert Nguyen Dinh Truong shared about the potential of the platform for businesses, the decisive factors for the effectiveness of a communication and advertising campaign on TikTok based on valuable experiences. for his 3 years of running a business on this platform.

Through this event, the participants gained for themselves important knowledge and information about the TikTok platform and valuable experiences when launching a business through the TikTok Shop application, TikTok live.

The partnership between DC Media, Fado Group and Theanh28 Entertainment is also considered an important turning point for all three units, and opens up more opportunities for creators and online businesses on the platform. future TikTok platform.

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