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5 seater car burned down

Ha TinhThe Toyota Vios in Ha Tinh sea caught fire under the rear while running on Highway 15B, passing through Can Loc district, at more than 2 pm on May 29.

The place where the fire happened is in Kim Thanh residential group, Dong Loc town, Can Loc district. Seeing smoke rising from below, the driver quickly pulled over to the side of the road, stepped down and opened the door for some people sitting in the back to get out.

Fire scene.  Photo: Hung Le

Fire scene. Image: Hung Le

The fire rose up, then covered the car, some explosions were heard. Many people stood dozens of meters away from the scene to observe the fire, recording videos and posting them on social networks.

After dozens of minutes, the fire was brought under control, but the entire 5-seater car was burned. At the scene, the Toyota Vios only had a bare frame, the front door was opened, ashes were scattered, and oil was spilled around the road.

The car's frame was inert after the fire.  Photo: Duc Hung

The car’s frame was inert after the fire. Image: Duc Hung

Authorities in Can Loc district are examining the scene and investigating the cause.

Duc Hung

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