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Almost naked because she received a makeup mirror as a gift

A man in China was arrested by the police after he gave a mirror makeup but attach hidden camera for female streamer as a gift. He even encouraged the girl to use the mirror while in a nude state.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Zhang, who lives in China’s Guangdong province, has been accused of illegally modifying, selling and using hidden cameras. In fact, Zhang is an expert in hidden cameras and runs an online store that sells modified camera equipment. So far, he has sold at least 210 analog surveillance cameras.

Almost exposed nude scene because he received a makeup mirror as a gift - Photo 1.

The girl almost revealed the nude scene because she received a makeup mirror as a gift from a male colleague. (Photo: SCMP)

Zhang’s secret behavior was revealed only after he gave a makeup mirror to female streamer Li, who was an acquaintance at work. Although they had only known each other for a few months, Zhang convinced Ms. Li to accept the makeup mirror as a gift.

Zhang did not forget to instruct Ms. Li to plug in the mirror regularly 24 hours a day, saying this would prevent the circuit board from burning.

Ms. Li still didn’t doubt Zhang’s words until he added that one feature of the mirror is applying makeup while naked, which he calls “nude beauty”.

Suspicious, Ms. Li contacted the seller of the makeup mirror and was advised to check if the product had a hidden camera installed inside.

“When I removed the mirror, I found four high-resolution cameras, and five 32G memory cards inside”, Ms. Li said. Ms. Li immediately reported the incident to the police.

“One of the memory cards was in 2019, so I realized I wasn’t his first victim.”Ms. Li added.

“Fortunately, there is a Bluetooth alarm clock that Zhang intended to give me but is still in shipping condition, otherwise he would have added a device to monitor my life.”Ms. Li said.

After being arrested by police, Zhang admitted to installing cameras in the mirror and added that he himself had installed a series of cameras at his ex-girlfriend’s house and the devices were still working.

Zhang’s story quickly made the Chinese public panic about the use of hidden cameras.

“Zhang even suggested that Li try getting naked, did he want to livestream about the nude image of the girl? This is scary.”one netizen commented.

Others emphasized, “The police need to investigate and arrest the 210 people who bought Zhang’s hidden camera, because maybe they are also acting like Zhang. This means there will be many more victims.”.

According to Chinese legal service platform Lvtu, taking pictures secretly may violate individual rights, but is not necessarily a crime in China. However, under criminal law, anyone using a hidden camera can be prosecuted if found to have broken the law.

In 2019, a local court in southwestern China sentenced the male defendant to three and a half years in prison, after he installed hidden cameras in many hotels and sold the footage online.

Previously, in 2016, a court in Anhui province sentenced the male defendant to 5 years in prison when he threatened to use a video recording of a female colleague’s hidden camera bathing scene.

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