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Amazon launches the most powerful ARM CPU ever

Current CPU Amazon’s Graviton includes ARM processors that are designed and manufactured in-house. They are present in most AWS services for users and companies of any size.

For those who don’t know, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud division of Amazon. This is also the division that brings great profits to the company, even more than the e-commerce branch.

Amazon said that Epic Games, Formula 1 and Twitter are currently testing the new CPUs and they have shown interest in these products.

Amazon did not go into detailed CPU specifications, only revealing that Graviton3 has 64 cores in the compute chiplet. With a total of 7 chiplets, Graviton3 has about 55 billion transistors, almost double Graviton2 and more than AMD’s 64-core Epyc Rome CPU.

Amazon says that Graviton3’s per-core performance is 25% faster than its 2020 predecessor. Across all cores, the new CPU’s encryption and floating-number capabilities are twice as high and performance machine learning is 3 times higher than the previous version. However, Graviton2 has only 16 cores, which is 1/4 of Graviton3.

Now, AWS C7g virtual servers can use Graviton3 with 64 vCPUs or full processors. In the maximum configuration, this system will use 128 GB of DDR5 RAM with 30 Gbps network bandwidth.

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