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Car crashes into roadside funeral in Ninh Binh

May 30, 2022 13:30 GMT+7

A 4-seater car in traffic suddenly crashed into a funeral parlor on the roadside, ramming some tables and chairs and injuring 3 people.

Security cameras recorded the incident.

At noon on May 30, information from Hoa Lu District Police (Ninh Binh) said that it had invited the driver to drive a 4-seat car to crash into the funeral parlor along the road to clarify the incident.

Before that, at about 9:43 pm on May 29, when many people were sitting in a funeral theater on the side of Highway 38B, passing through Thien Ton town, Hoa Lu district (Ninh Binh), suddenly a 4-seater car crashed. Entering the theater, many people and tables were thrown.

The incident made a part of the theater damaged, many people ran inside to escape. As a result, three people suffered minor injuries.

Car crashes into roadside funeral in Ninh Binh
The car sped into the roadside funeral parlor. (Photo cut from clip)
Ninh Binh: Car hit a funeral parlor on the roadside, 3 people injured
Tables and chairs were knocked over, 3 people were injured. (Photo cut from clip)

Through verification, the car bearing BKS 35A-165.32 is registered as Duong Ngoc Cuong (residing in Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh).

Immediately after the incident happened, Hoa Lu district police were present at the scene to investigate and clarify the incident.

According to a leader of Hoa Lu District Police, the unit invited the driver to work in accordance with the law. “We also reported the incident to our superiors this morning,” he said.

The case is currently under further investigation.

Tran Nghi

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