China mines uranium at unprecedented depths

Chinese scientists have discovered huge uranium deposits at depths never before seen – making China’s total estimated uranium reserves more than tenfold, to more than 2 million tons.

The team of geologists used the world’s most advanced technology and equipment to probe 3,000 meters underground – six times deeper than most of China’s existing uranium mines.

This world leading project is a major breakthrough for our countryChina National Nuclear Corporation announced on WeChat.

China mines uranium at unprecedented depth - 1

Chinese scientists have discovered a new uranium mine deep inside the Earth.

Many experts generally believe that radioactive elements are concentrated in a shallow, physically stable area. But in recent years, several large uranium mines have been found in southern China that are more than 1,500 meters below the earth’s surface. These are areas that have experienced intense tectonic movements and scientists once believed that the process of forming uranium ore here was impossible.

Li Ziying, director of the Uranium Geological Research Institute in Beijing, said that finding uranium deposits at a depth of 3,000 meters is extremely difficult.

Locating the mine is as difficult as finding a small disc over an area of ​​10,000 square kilometers“.

Over the past decade, Chinese researchers have developed advanced technology and equipment to aid in the hunt for uranium deep in the earth. They have created a super-sensitive remote sensor that allows scientists to detect tiny traces of radioactive ore with unprecedented precision. In addition, China has also developed a special drill to more efficiently take samples from deep areas and speed up data analysis with artificial intelligence technology.

Uranium plays a key role in the production of weapons and the Chinese military’s nuclear stockpile. Both the mining demand and the supply of nuclear energy in the country have increased rapidly. Every year, China builds 7.8 new nuclear reactors.

However, most uranium mines in China are small-scale with poor ore quality. More than 70% of the country’s supply comes from Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia. Overdependence on supplies from abroad has made Beijing concerned about national security risks.

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