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“Comedy King Mr. Bean” abandoned his wife “Cao Khang” to run after a young love 30 years younger

Rowan Atkinson known as “the joker of the world”. He is known to fans for his comedic roles on popular sitcoms such as “Blackadder” or “Mr. Bean“. The actor has become a childhood legend for generations of screen audiences since the late 20th century.

But sometimes, people only remember Rowan Atkinson with funny moments without knowing that his real life was not so favorable and peaceful.

After ending his marriage with his wife “Cao Khang”, Rowan made netizens curious about his current life with his young lover.

"  Comedy King Mr.  Bean

“The fool” on the screen, the player in real life

Rowan Atkinson was born in 1955 in Conset, County Durham in the North East of England. He was originally a student and master of engineering at the most prestigious University of Oxford in Europe. To this day, “Mr. Bean” has never been trained in any acting school.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean
"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

While studying at Oxford, the short plays that the actor composed himself attracted the attention of many friends and teachers, and this was also an opportunity for Rowan to meet English producers. toothpick.

From 1979 – 1988, Rowan Atkinson was continuously active in the entertainment industry as an MC, program advisor, and actor. Until 1990, the first episode of “Mr. Bean” was premiered, creating a major turning point in the actor’s life, making his name become “British Cultural Icon”. The series has been adapted into many versions from television to film, to animation and is broadcast in 94 countries worldwide.

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Mr. Bean” is the series that made Rowan Atkinson’s name

At that time, the actor was likened to Charlie Chaplin modern. After that, the oddly simple “Mr. Bean” series went global and became so popular that people used the character’s name.”Mr. Bean” to call Rowan.

It can be said that Rowan Atkinson came to this 7th art as an invisible arrangement of fate. Originally, this was just a side job of an Oxford engineering student, but no one expected it to bring “Mr. Bean” not only fame but also a huge fortune.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

In real life, Rowan owns a production company called Hindmeck, which is said to have brought in millions of dollars in income for the actor. Not only that, the star also earned a huge income thanks to “Mr. Bean” even though there were only 15 episodes of the original series.

Unlike the image of the “fool” on the screen, Rowan Atkinson in real life is considered a real estate investor with a vision. As of 2021, the actor’s net worth is estimated at 150 million USD (nearly 3,500 billion VND).

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

He owns many properties in London and around the world, each of which is very tasteful and carefully designed. In addition, Rowan also has a passion for speed and owns for himself expensive box drivers of many high-end car brands such as Audi, Rolls Royce, Porsche, … and many other billion-dollar cars.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

The expensive cars of “Mr. Bean”.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

These architecturally appreciated apartments are owned by Rowan Atkinson.

Up to now, at the age of U70, although his face has shown signs of aging, his sharp and clear eyes make a mark in each episode.Mr. Bean” is something that hasn’t changed.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

At the age of 67, the old look of “Mr. Bean” makes netizens somewhat disappointed.

A marriage of more than half a person’s life ends in just 65 seconds

Rowan Atkinson met his first wife Sunetra Sastry in the late 1980s while she was working as a makeup artist for the BBC. The beauty of the Indian-born girl made “Mr. Bean” at that time still not very famous.

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Rowan Atkinson and Sunetra Sastry once had a beautiful love affair.

The couple then married in February 1990 and had two children, Benjamin and Lily. During more than 20 years together, the marriage of Rowan and Sunetra has always been admired by the audience for its romance and warmth. Even the actor’s family is considered a symbol of happiness in the entertainment industry when the couple are both worthy and have children who inherit the beauty and talent from their parents.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

The couple “sticks like glue” each time they appear.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

The beauty of the daughter is as beautiful as the beauty of Rowan and his ex-wife.

But in 2014, everything suddenly fell apart when rumors of Rowan Atkinson’s affair were spread everywhere. In the same year, the actor couple “Mr. Bean” planned to separate. What surprised fans the most was the quick divorce of the two just a year later in November 2015.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

According to the media, at that time, Sunetra filed for divorce from her husband on the grounds of “irrational behavior”. But because Rowan was not present at the Family Court to hear the proceedings, so the divorce was ended in just 65 seconds. The judge ordered a “quick” procedure and the couple ceased to be legally husband and wife in just over a minute.

Not long after “everyone went their separate ways” with his wife from childhood, Rowan Atkinson publicly dated his 30-year-old girlfriend, British actress, Louise Ford. In December 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, Isla.

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Rowan Atkinson and young love Louise Ford are as close as holding hands on the street.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

Image Louise Ford while pregnant with the child of “Mr. Bean”

At that moment, “Mr. Bean” was met with fierce criticism from public opinion. It was all because of the act of “having a new and old place” and throwing away his wife “Cao Khang” who had lived half his life to follow young love.

Up to now, Rowan Atkinson rarely appears in public. However, “Mr. Bean” has never given up his passion for art. He still worked hard on the set for many hours to prepare for his own projects. In the end, what remains in Rowan Atkinson’s life is perhaps the never-fading fame.”Mr. Bean“brought to him.

"  Comedy King Mr.Bean
"  Comedy King Mr.Bean

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