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Discovered the most habitable place in the universe, more than our planet

New research from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) shows that the place where life is abundant, with the most options for reproduction and development, is the vast Goldilocks (habitable zone) around stars like the Sun. , however, is not as solitary as our parent star, but doubles in pairs.

Previously, scientists often looked to Sun-like stars in search of habitable alien worlds, but new models reveal that’s not the perfect choice.

Discovered the most habitable place in the universe, more than our planet - Photo 1.

Description of how a star system centered on two Sun-like twin stars is forming, based on data from NGC 1333-IRAS2A – Photo: ALMA/COPENHAGEN UNIVERSITY

A pair of “suns” twins can greatly increase the chances of life in that star system, by expanding the habitable zone significantly. When standing next to each other and orbiting each other, these star pairs warm the planets each star spawns, thereby creating a greater chance for liquid water to be present on a planet.

“The results are exciting because the search for extraterrestrial life will be armed with some incredibly powerful new tools in the coming years. This raises the bar for understanding how planets form. around different types of stars, helping to pinpoint particularly interesting places to probe for life.” Daily Mail quoted Professor Jes Kristian Jorgensen, project leader.

This new discovery builds on observations by the ALMA super telescope located in Chile, towards a young pair of stars about 1,000 light-years from Earth, named NGC 1333-IRAS2A, which is surrounded by a disk of dust.

The team fed the data into computer simulations to go back in time, study in detail how dust and gas accreted in the disks, the physical phenomena that took place, thereby providing scenarios. a clear record of past and future star system evolution.

In particular, the shared gravity created by the pairing affects the surrounding disk in a way that causes large amounts of matter to fall toward the stars, causing explosions that tore apart the disk of gas and dust.

These outbursts, in turn, ignite and break up wandering comets, causing them to hurl material – including lots of organic material, precious building blocks of life – into the protoplanetary disk. This is extremely important for building future habitable planets.

The study was published in a scientific journal Nature.

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