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Female passenger jailed for 15 months for breaking flight attendant’s tooth

A female tourist who attacked a Southwest Airlines flight attendant by punching her in the face and broke her tooth was sentenced to 15 months in prison by a US federal court on May 27.

The press release of the US Department of Justice said that defendant Vyvianna M. Quinonez (29 years old) living in Sacramento city, California must pay compensation of $ 25,981 and a fine of $ 7,500. In addition, Ms. Quinonez was placed on probation for three years.

During the trial that took place in December 2021, Quinonez once admitted to one crime related to the attack on airline employees of Southwest Airlines.

The incident happened on May 24, 2021 on a flight from Sacramento to San Diego.

In a video posted by California’s ABC7 news channel, Quinonez refuses to wear a seat belt and does not wear a mask properly. She punched a flight attendant in the face several times, causing the victim to bleed on her face. The attack only stopped when a male passenger stood up and stopped the two women.

Worth mentioning, before being reminded to comply with the airline’s regulations, Quinonez not only refused to follow but also lied. Subject also used his phone to film the flight attendant before pushing and hitting her.

Quinonez has also admitted to standing up and intending to attack the flight attendant.

After the attack, the flight attendant was taken to the hospital for treatment with 3 chipped teeth, bruised eye area and forearm. Even a cut in her left eye required stitches, according to prosecutors.

In a letter to the court, a Southwest Airlines official said Quinonez’s behavior had “created an unsafe environment” on the plane, and frightened airline employees. every time you take a shift.

Sharing with Insider on May 28, Southwest Airlines said it maintains a “zero tolerance” policy for any behavior that attacks or harasses its employees.

“This horrific incident is completely unacceptable. The court’s decision once again emphasizes that irregular behavior will not be tolerated.”Southwest Airlines said in a statement.

Meanwhile, FBI special agent Stacey Moy said in a press release from the US Department of Justice that, “Today’s verdict will send a strong message to airline passengers. The FBI will strengthen the hunt for those who attack or interfere with the work of the crew.”.

Not only was he sentenced to 15 months in prison, but Quinonez was also banned from flying commercial flights for three years, and required to attend anger management classes.

Since January 2021, the US has recorded a record 7,060 passengers violating aviation regulations, of which 70% are related to wearing masks, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Thousands of passengers were also put on a “no-fly” list for refusing to comply with the mandatory mask wearing rule.

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