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“Hero” recounts the moment of chasing to save a motorbike that lost its brakes and went down Tam Dao pass

At noon on May 29, while on the way to Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc province) to repair motorbikes, Dinh Van Chien, about 30 years old, residing in Ho Son commune, Tam Dao district, saw the SH mode car crashing into the rear of a 29-seat passenger car. but did not stop, continued to soar. There are 3 people on the motorbike, including 2 adults and 1 child.

By experience, Mr. Chien guessed that the motorbike had lost its brakes, quickly turned around and gave chase. When approaching, he controlled the car with one hand, the other hand held the back of the SH until it came to a safe stop.

“At that time, the man driving the SH was trying to drag his feet down the road to brake but didn’t have enough force. When I approached, all three people in the car panicked,” Mr. Chien said.

Clip: Hero saves motorbikes that lost their brakes going down Tam Dao pass (Source: Nguyen Hai Sinh)

The people sitting in the SH mode car without brakes include Mr. Long, Ms. Duyen and the baby who is the child of Ms. Duyen’s sister. They belong to a group of friends going out to Tam Dao on the afternoon of May 28, not a family like many information on social networks.

At noon on May 29, the group left Tam Dao, when going downhill, unfortunately had an accident at km17 – where accidents often happen. Mr. Long, the driver of the SH mode car, has just moved from Hue to Vinh Phuc for 2-3 months and is not used to riding the mountain pass.

Discovering that the car had lost its brakes, even though the steering was unstable, Mr. Long tried to slow down and pulled into the 29-seat car of Mr. Nguyen Hai Sinh, 49. Thanks to that, the motorcycle speed is kept very low. Hearing a strong crash behind, Mr. Hai Sinh looked in the mirror and discovered a motorbike.

A passenger car with a speed of 10km/h stopped, Mr. Long’s motorbike passed and drifted straight. Behind was another motorbike because Mr. Chien tried to follow him to pull back.

“I just thought it was the motorbike that caused the accident and then ran away. After chasing two motorbikes and seeing someone let go of their feet to brake, I knew that the car had lost its brakes,” Mr. Sinh said.

After the crash, Mr. Long wiped his feet on the road and used his strength to continue braking. Informing everyone on the car, Sinh calculated that if he could approach the motorbike, he would open the door to keep people, in conjunction with Mr. Chien to respond in an emergency. When Chien helped, all three people on the motorbike breathed a sigh of relief.

Thanks to the motorbike repair tool, Mr. Chien changed the front and rear brake pads for the SH mode, so that they could continue their safe journey down the mountain 4-5 km away.

“I knew Mr. Chien before because we worked in real estate together. I didn’t expect him to save my life in this situation. I feel very lucky. We thank him profusely,” Ms. Duyen said.

“Anyone in that case will act like me. I go to mobile car repair in this area a lot, so I know how to handle the situation, and outsiders can hardly pull the motorbike downhill,” Mr. Chien said. .

The suffocating moment Chien pulled to hold the motorbike without brakes (Photo cut from the clip)

The clip recording the scene of Mr. Chien helping 3 people on SH mode motorbikes was posted and shared widely on social networks. Many people call him a “hero” in real life, but he humbly said it was thanks to the passenger car’s dash cam that he was known. In the past, he used to quietly help many cases of losing the brakes on Tam Dao pass.

The “hero” shared that there were times when he lost his brake because using too much force made his hand stiff. There were also people who thought he was a robber without even knowing that the car had lost its brakes. Only when he pulled back, pressed the 2 brakes and then led the car still drifting downhill did they believe.

“I don’t remember how many people I saved when my brakes were lost when going down Tam Dao pass,” Chien said, regretting that he could not save some people because their car was going too fast.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Sinh has many years of experience in driving a bus on the Tam Dao route and recommends that visitors do not go down the pass by motorbike. Tam Dao Pass is famously dangerous, squeezing the throttle brake can lead to damage causing the vehicle to drift freely.

“Fortunately, friend Long on a motorbike handled it well. If he didn’t crash into the back of my passenger car, the car could fly over the cliff. Tam Dao pass is very dangerous, hope tourists drive safely,” Mr. Sinh said.

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