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How to safely downhill by car and scooter

If the gear car can brake by shifting to a low gear, the scooter can also brake the engine by pushing the throttle to stick the clutch (clutch).

For those who are only used to riding motorbikes in the city or on a flat road, the winding pass is a big challenge. The steep slope of the mountain road will cause the car to plunge quickly, the direction changes constantly, so if you cannot control the speed, it is easy to have an accident.

A leading risk when going downhill is losing the brake because the driver has to brake constantly. With an old brake system that is not regularly maintained, when braking continuously, the brake pads heat up, losing friction, so the brake loses its effect. To limit manual braking, the driver should use the engine brake, in the following way.

Do not turn off the machine

No matter what motorbike you ride, it is imperative not to turn off the engine. When the engine is turned off, the car will run under a very dangerous inertia, then the engine will not be able to brake, even the handbrake will lose the oil pump effect.

Geared cars (including manual clutches, automatic clutches)

With a transmission, it is easy to brake the engine by simply downshifting. For example, when going downhill in 4th gear, see the car going too fast, go into 3rd gear to stop the car. Then the car will run slower.

Basically, when downshifting, the car will need more traction, but without more throttle, the car will run slower when in high gear.


With scooters, the skill of using engine brakes will be more difficult, because scooters use a CVT (stepless variable) gearbox, without using gears, so they cannot up and down gears. For inexperienced people, it is best not to go downhill by scooter.

If you have to go downhill by scooter, use the engine brake by taking advantage of the clutch’s grip (clutch) to hold the car at a certain speed, enough to not have to use it continuously.

When starting to go downhill, let the car go down at a speed of about 15 km / h, then start to check the brake, twist the throttle slightly, while applying the accelerator and brake to keep the speed stable from 15-20 km / h. At that time, the clutch was clinging (the clutch will not stick if running too slow, below 15 km/h). Release the brake and accelerator, the car will be pinned. Because the clutch is still clinging and the car is pulled back by the engine, the engine will scream and make a loud noise.

When the car is going faster because of a steep slope, the driver actively applies the brakes to keep the speed under control.

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