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Investors move cash flow into real estate, which products are attractive?

Investors seize the opportunity to hold assets

Amidst unpredictable developments in many financial investment channels, investors are increasingly adjusting capital flows towards real estate.

Investor Trinh Dang Dung (District 1) said that the general psychology of investors still prefers to keep money safe in long-term assets. He cited research from that, within 10 years, gold and securities only doubled, but real estate increased 5-7 times. With the dual characteristics of both investing with good profit margins while limiting risks or accumulating and exploiting, real estate is considered a redirecting target of major investors this year.

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The Beverly Solari was launched in time to catch the investment wave

“The Oasis and The Tropical subdivisions appeared at the right time when the market was highly differentiated, adding a good loan policy, helping to optimize cash flow, and increase the possibility of profit on capital spent. It is easy to understand why the purchasing power of the product group is easy to understand. This product skyrocketed”, Mr. Dung analyzed.

Vinhomes investor said, currently, customers who buy The Beverly Solari apartment will enjoy attractive financial policies such as: 100% interest rate support of the apartment value up to 28 months and a grace period of up to 48 months; Support 80% interest rate of the apartment value up to 33 months and grace loan principal up to 48 months. There is also a VinFast voucher up to VND 200 million and a standard smarthome package.

Notably, the smarthome package with smart features will be valuable equipment, bringing a modern and leisurely life to families. All household appliances such as TVs, fans, electric lights, etc. will be automatically controlled through settings and sensors. With this system, each apartment is also enhanced with high security capabilities, helping to detect abnormalities and prevent them as soon as possible as well as ensure safety and fire prevention issues.

Enjoy a different resort ecosystem

From another angle, The Oasis and The Tropical “magnets” attract investors because of the rare advantage of space and living standards. Designed towards the American resort life for residents, The Oasis subdivision presents a peaceful, private and classy life as a separate oasis. Meanwhile, The Tropical will bring tropical forests and green trees to the front of the house.

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Golden Eagle Central Square – The focal point of The Beverly Solari . project

In addition to the local utility chain that is “tailored” for each product, investors believe that the ecological value of the whole megacity that residents of The Tropical and The Oasis inherits is the reason why Buyers are completely convinced.

Mr. Do Minh Khoi, Sales Manager of a real estate transaction floor in Thu Duc City, said that the outstanding point of these two subdivisions is that they are located adjacent to and inherit all the utilities of the 36ha Park complex, the sea. white sand lake, gym park with 1000 outdoor exercise machines, wellness park, BBQ park… Especially Vincom Mega Mall, school system, hospital right in front of The Oasis subdivision, … for a truly worthy “all in one” resort life.

Along with that, the highlight of the interior of The Bevely Solari area is the Rodeo Shopping Avenue, the Golden Eagle Square, the central lake of the Golden Eagle, … giving residents a life to experience the American quality “Luxury” sky-living” exclusively not for the masses.

Launched at the right time for the market to attract cash flow, along with outstanding values, according to experts, there are too many reasons for The Tropical and The Oasis subdivisions to become the “target” of investors today.

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