It’s good to use, but it has this “fatal” disadvantage

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In the last time, I learned a palm rest for more comfortable mouse use, but what if you don’t even want to use a traditional mouse? The market today also has many mouse products with “strange” shapes to increase ergonomics, we can mention vertical mice, track-ball mice, mouse… put it on your fingerand the product we will learn about today: mouse but looks like a pen.

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Like other ergonomic mice, the pen-shaped mouse is made to help users have a more natural hand posture than a regular mouse, without forcing the right wrist to rotate horizontally and cross the 2 shin bones.

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In essence, this is a wireless mouse designed with an elongated shape to hold in the hand instead of under the table, connected to the computer with a USB dongle.

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The top surface has a prominent button that is the left mouse, scroll wheel and speed switch, and the right mouse button is placed on the left edge to click with the thumb. This setting is a bit different from the traditional mouse, but in practice it is very “reasonable” because the index finger used to press the left button on a regular mouse will also press the left button in this pen mouse.

Pen-shaped mouse - Photo 5.

At the top of the “pen” has an optical sensor, we will put it down on the table and then move it back and forth to move the pointer to the screen. The accuracy of this sensor cannot be as high as that of traditional mice, but it is still acceptable and still noticeably better than the previous finger-wearing mouse I tried.

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After about 2-3 days of use, I am proficient in manipulating this mouse and can handle daily tasks no different from normal mice. But one thing is for sure, the mouse cannot be used to play games because of the limitation of the sensor (fast wave is still a bit off), so do you intend to buy this mouse to “shoot CS: GO” or ” fuck OSU” shouldn’t be!

Pen-shaped mouse - Photo 7.

Because the usage must be held in the hand, the pen-shaped mouse also has disadvantages: when typing, we have to put it down on the table, then want to use the mouse to pick it up. A regular mouse has been placed parallel to the table, so every time we use it, we are so used to moving our hands to hold it, and now want to use a mouse and pen, we will have to get used to a completely new operation.

Pen-shaped mouse - Photo 8.

The more “fatal” disadvantage lies in the finishing quality of this product, specifically in the battery part. The battery slot of the mouse is made a little larger than the battery it uses, so when the battery is put in, it tends to be skewed and also makes the mouse “turn off”.

Pen-shaped mouse - Photo 9.

I still see the advantage of ergonomics of this product, the hand position it provides is more comfortable than a regular mouse plus hand pad. But if you want to use it, you should buy a copy with better finishing quality, but if you are using it, suddenly the mouse loses power like the one in the article, it is “angry with purple face”.

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