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“King Muay Thai” uses a dangerous blow to kill his opponent after 20 seconds, setting a rare record in the world

Saenchai defeated Ali Ghodratisaraskan

Last night (May 29), the boxer known as “King of Muay Thai” – Saenchai had a fight against Iranian opponent Ali Ghodratisaraskan. This is the highlight match of the THAI FIGHT Nakhon Sawan event (taken in Thailand).

Ali Ghodratisaraskan is a kickboxing champion of Iran. This puncher has an advantage over Saenchai in terms of youth and is slightly taller in height. But in the ring, the Iranian boxer proved too weak before “King Muay Thai”.

Like many other matches, Saenchai entered the game very calmly and relatively leisurely with a “top door” mentality. This boxer also smiled and performed the familiar “dance” movement. Meanwhile, Ali Ghodratisaraskan was the one who actively attacked in the first seconds but did not work.

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Saenchai often laughs when he plays.

After dodging a number of Ali Ghodratisaraskan’s foot attacks, Saenchai made the first attack and immediately knocked the opponent out.

Saenchai performed a kick with his left foot but used his knee to hit the opponent’s flank, causing the Iranian boxer to show pain and could not continue to compete. The referee ended the fight, Saenchai won by knockout after only about 20 seconds.

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With the defeat of Ali Ghodratisaraskan, Saenchai has set an extremely impressive milestone when he has won 64 consecutive matches for nearly 8 years. The last time Saenchai failed was in October 2014 and since then, “King Muay Thai” has only known victory. The series of 64 consecutive wins is a record that any professional boxer, in any fighting sport in the world will have to admire. The record is even more impressive because Saenchai is about to turn 42 years old.

On the morning of May 30, Saenchai also took to social media to send a message of gratitude to fans: “I have won 64 times in a row. Thank you for everyone’s support. I always fight for the fans. Can you guess how long my winning streak will last?”. htm

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