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Looking forward to the launch of VietinBank eFAST on a new platform

Here, this application will be launched on a new platform with many impressive improvements, promising to attract the attention of a large number of businesses across the country.

Pioneering in the digitalization of the banking industry

With its position as a key, pillar and leading bank in the Vietnamese banking system, VietinBank has always been a pioneer in innovation, investing heavily in comprehensive digital transformation; Typically, the continuous improvement of the application of Digital Banking VietinBank eFAST To provide high quality service to corporate customers.

By the end of 2021, VietinBank eFAST serves more than 163,000 corporate customers. In 2021 alone, VietinBank will receive more than 80,000 new registered businesses.

The year 2022 marks a remarkable change for eFAST when launching the new VietinBank eFAST digital banking platform on web and mobile interfaces, integrating all Transaction Banking products. This is the biggest change in the past 10 years, bringing VietinBank eFAST from a digital bank to becoming an effective digital financial assistant of businesses.

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At this point, VietinBank will launch the eFAST Digital Financial Assistant on a new platform, adding many impressive features.

This improvement will help transition from “static” eFAST – providing services on demand by users to “dynamic” eFAST – enabling interaction, understanding, eliciting needs, delivering a perfect experience for guests. row. To do this, the new eFAST platform will upgrade 81 existing functions and add 55 new features/utilities.

Many outstanding functions

VietinBank eFAST new platform emphasizes coherence and modernity with HUMAN INTERFACE design style – the design language used by Apple on MacOS, IOS. With a human-centered philosophy, the new eFAST interface arranges buttons and layouts in a way that the eye can scan, helping to optimize the usage process for customers.

To become a Digital Financial Assistant to understand and support businesses to make business decisions, VietinBank eFAST applies Big Data and AI technologies to analyze customers’ cash flow trends and suggest financial decisions. Specifically, the new eFAST platform can: suggest sending money when the balance is high beyond the need for recurrent spending; suggest overdraft when balance is lower than demand; suggest selling foreign currency when the exchange rate is good…

In particular, this digital financial assistant also owns a BFM tool that supports displaying and interacting with financial analysis charts of the business, analyzing balance fluctuations, fluctuations and trends in revenue and expenditure. .

Security upgrade – increased processing speed

To enhance the customer experience, VietinBank eFAST mobile adds the option of logging in to the Mobile App by fingerprint or face. VietinBank successfully applied machine learning technology to warn of potential risks in the process of customers using the service. Whenever the account has abnormal activity compared to the trading routine, the user will immediately receive an alert for timely action.

Another interesting feature of the new VietinBank eFAST platform is the use of a smart transaction authentication system. Accordingly, the system will classify the level of risk according to the type of transaction to help ensure account safety but still eliminate inconvenience for customers.

The new VietinBank eFAST digital banking platform will have market-leading processing speeds, reducing the time consuming to 0.01 seconds per transaction. The system can handle up to 30,000 transactions/file for automatic payroll transactions 24/7 and up to 5,000 transactions/files for file-based money transfers, making mass payment operations easy. Easier than ever…

Free 100% VND money transfer fee and 50% off foreign currency transfer fee on digital channel

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VietinBank is applying a series of incentives to welcome the launch of the eFAST Digital Financial Assistant on a new platform.

In order to accompany businesses in the goal of reducing operating costs, VietinBank also applies many incentives for transactions on eFAST such as: 100% free VND money transfer transaction fee (including VND money transfer fee inside and out. system, salary costs, state budget payment fees); 50% off foreign currency transfer fees and preferential rates of up to 100 points depending on currency pairs.

Thus, VietinBank eFAST on the new platform will bring great advantages to corporate customers in terms of speed, convenience and accuracy. The launching event of eFAST on the new platform to be held on May 31 is attracting the attention of many businesses nationwide.

The program is livestreamed directly on the fanpage of VTV24 News Center, fanpage of VTVMoney, fanpage of Cafe F, fanpage of VietinBank and on YouTube channel VTV24.

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