MC Hoang Linh reveals the secret to keeping the fire happy

“The couple’s life is often far from each other, there are many problems, if not understood, it leads to conflicts that are difficult to resolve”, MC Hoang Linh shared.

The secret of MC Hoang Linh’s family happiness

– The personality of MC Hoang Linh and her husband has many differences, one is calm, the other is quite hot-tempered, so have there ever been disagreements between the couple?

People often say: “With opposite signs attract each other”, I think my husband and I are a typical example of this saying. Although completely opposite in character, they are pieces and reasonable compensation for each other.

Of course, no matter how much they match, there will still be conflicts, and I’m also a pretty “terrible” wife. (laugh).

When I fell in love many times, I was also stubborn and stubborn, but my husband conceded everything. He was really pampering and calm with me all the time.

Married life goes on so well. This June, we officially celebrate 7 years together.

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The moment Hoang Linh was proposed by her husband in Korea (Photo: FBNV).

– Both of them are very busy doing television, how do MC Hoang Linh and her husband keep their happiness for the past 7 years?

Currently, my husband is no longer working at Vietnam Television Station. He mainly focuses on work in the city. HCM. Sometimes I still tease my husband that I feel like marrying a soldier, sometimes my husband can’t come back for a month’s work.

At that time, I will arrange to fly in or my husband has to arrange work to reunite.

Married life often apart from each other has many problems, if both do not understand and share, it will lead to conflicts that are difficult to resolve.

I am a person who respects family values ​​and loyalty. When I fall in love, I will love 100%, and if I run out of love, I’m ready to stop in a civilized way. That’s why I don’t accept that my man has the mindset of standing in the mountains and looking at the mountains.

My husband is a workaholic, when he works, he will never pay attention to the time. I also always tell my husband: “You can dive in at work comfortably, but sometimes you have to “stand up” to make a phone call to your wife”.

Mr. Turtle understands and appreciates that in me, so the couple’s life is always warm and happy.

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Hoang Linh’s full life makes many people admire. (Photo: FBNV)

MC Hoang Linh: “We are always ready to welcome the little angel”

– Both MC Hoang Linh and her husband have worked together with the program “We Are Soldiers” from the first days and have been together for a long time. So, in your opinion, why did they find each other until later when they both went through a breakdown in their marriage?

I think it’s the breakup in our marriage that makes our souls in tune and can come together. Tortoise and I are in the team of We Are Soldiers from the first days, but we always treat each other as colleagues, nothing more, nothing less.

In 2008, Mr. Turtle got married, and I got married in 2012, then we were still colleagues.

It was not until my marriage with Mr. Turtle had no way out and came to a breakdown that we began to talk more.

We understand why our marriage failed, learn from each other’s lessons and rebuild happiness and make up for each other.

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Both husband and wife MC Hoang Linh and Manh Hung were colleagues before becoming husband and wife. (Photo: FBNV)

Looking back now, there are pictures from the past when we were on the same show We Are SoldiersI suddenly realized that there are really strange predestined relationships in the world.

As it turns out, we have existed side by side for 10 years as innocent and carefree colleagues who never thought that one day we would become husband and wife.

Life always contains interesting surprises, and everything starts with the predestined relationships we have with each other.

Finally in the present I feel happy and appreciate the married life, cherish the family that I have. Both of us are cultivating a happiness that will grow every day.

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Although Hoang Linh and her husband are busy, they always know how to arrange work to nurture family happiness (Photo: FBNV).

– At the present time, do Hoang Linh and her husband have any plans for the two Gabon brothers to be promoted?

We are always ready to welcome our little angel into our extended family. Soon, when Gabon takes over, I will officially announce the good news to everyone who follows and loves my family.

Thank you Hoang Linh for sharing!

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