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Midwifery in the sky

AmericaNoticing that a female passenger showed signs of labor, flight attendant Diana Giraldo immediately helped her give birth in the toilet of Frontier Airlines.

Diana Giraldo, a 35-year-old flight attendant, was praised for her calm response when passenger Shakeria Martin, 27, showed signs of labor on a three-hour night flight from Dever, Colorado. City of Orlando, Florida, USA.

The flight took place in January, but the information was only announced by the US low-cost airline Frontier Airlines last week via a post on social networks Facebook.

Mother Martin at that time entered the 37th week of pregnancy, a few weeks before the due date. Martin recently recounted that she boarded the flight because she was moving to Florida, and that the previous flight had been normal.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, this can’t be happening now,'” Martin said. “I waited for the pain to pass, but it only increased and reached the point of being unbearable.”

Jayalyne Sky was born on a plane.  Photo: Washington Post.

Jayalyne Sky was born on a plane. Image: Washington Post.

That’s when flight attendant Giraldo came to offer help. “Martin told me she felt like she was going into labor, but was scared because she was born so early,” Giraldo revealed in a later interview. The plane had about an hour and a half left to land, and calls to medical professionals went unanswered.

Giraldo offered to take Martin to the tail section of the plane for more space. When Martin went to the bathroom, her water broke.

“Everything happened very quickly after that. Just two more pushes and the baby was born,” Martin said, adding that his daughter was born at around 4:20 a.m., somewhere in the Alabama sky.

Flight attendant Giraldo hugged the baby and the entire crew immediately went into emergency response mode. They gathered blankets, medical supplies, and oxygen tanks, as well as prepared space on the floor and put up screens to provide privacy when Martin left the bathroom. Captain Chris Nye also diverted the flight to Pensacola, Florida, so that the mother and baby could quickly get to the hospital.

“However, the baby was born without signs of breathing or movement. It was very scary at that time,” Giraldo said. “There’s definitely something blocking the baby’s airway, maybe amniotic fluid. I’m not a doctor, but I think that’s what’s going on.”

Giraldo immediately gave gentle chest compressions, while rubbing the baby’s back to stimulate the lungs. The other flight attendants also put the baby on an oxygen mask and he started breathing a few minutes later.

The pilot also issued a notice asking passengers with medical expertise to help. A female midwifery nurse stood up and came to check on the mother and daughter’s condition.

To show his appreciation, Martin named his daughter Jayalyne Sky. She and flight attendant Giraldo still keep in touch and often share photos of baby Sky, now 4 months old and in very good condition.

Medical staff check the health of pregnant mother Martin and baby Jadalyne Sky at the hospital in Pensacolo, Florida, in January. Photo: NY Post.

Medical staff check the health of pregnant mother Martin and baby Jadalyne Sky at the hospital in Pensacolo, Florida, in January. Photo: NY Post.

Captain Nye praised flight attendant Giraldo for handling the situation calmly and exemplary. For her part, Giraldo appreciates the cooperation of her colleagues, as well as her mother Martin, whom she considers “extraordinary”.

The story quickly attracted the attention of the public. Many social media users have hailed flight attendant Giraldo as a “hero” for his quick response. “Sky should be included in Frontier Airlines’ free flight,” another commented.

Frontier Airlines said pregnant passengers should consult their doctor before deciding to travel by plane, especially during the ninth month of pregnancy. Other airlines, including American Airlines and United Airlines, require pregnant women to present a medical certificate from their doctor in order to fly at the end of pregnancy.

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