Ngan 98 ‘dresses like nothing’ to challenge antifan

With the suit or not, the hot girl Thi Phi Ngan 98 did the right thing to challenge the antifan to continue to “play the game”.

A few days ago, Ngan 98 just surprised netizens when posting a set of never-before-seen photos. Not yet happy because the hot girl market “reforms evil”, she replied directly: “This is what I wear to advertise for the shop, guys, don’t think I’m wearing it tight to please you guys. Don’t be delusional, I’ll post a picture of ‘cheeky’ tomorrow.”

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This rare time of eating without revealing the identity of the original network phenomenon of Binh Dinh surprised everyone, giving many compliments, but the girl was harsh: “don’t think that you dress up to please friends, don’t have illusions”.

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She also said that she would continue to post “naked” photos and Ngan 98 told the truth. The latest photo on the personal page of Luong Bang Quang’s girlfriend made netizens choke on words because of “wearing it or not”.

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But when netizens commented, whether it was gentle or rude, Ngan 98 “ruffled the hedgehog” and responded directly.

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When Antifan attacked, Ngan 98 was not afraid to chat.

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Before that, when criticized for showing off his body to become famous, 9X spoke out against it. She said: “I’m beautiful, I like to be exposed, but I’m not the easy type. It’s too dangerous to judge a person by appearance. Each person has a unique personality, not necessarily gentle, open-minded, not necessarily not. good.”

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“Every person’s life cannot be satisfied with everything. I can’t control how I have close friends and family. I can’t control what public opinion says. I feel satisfied. with the present life” – musician lover Luong Bang Quang said.

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