Pain in these 4 parts can be a sign of a dangerous disease, men should pay attention

Signs of a dangerous disease

1. Frequent headaches

We often think that headaches are just a small pain in daily life and are easy to ignore, however, its harmful effects should not be underestimated, especially for the elderly and people with obesity, because pain The head may be due to a local vascular occlusion, thereby affecting the blood circulation.

Headaches, if continued without diagnosis and treatment, can increase the risk of cerebral infarction.

2. Low back pain

The lumbar region is a very important part of the body, we can recognize kidney problems through abnormal manifestations in the waist.

If you have pain in the lumbar region, you are most likely suffering from kidney diseases such as kidney stones, hydronephrosis, kidney failure… Therefore, when you have low back pain, you need to go to the hospital for examination promptly. Time to check for kidney problems.

3. Abdominal pain

In many cases, abdominal pain is caused by a problem with the stomach or gallbladder, such as gallstones. If you fast for a long time, it will make the condition worse, causing many health risks.

Pain in these 4 parts can be a sign of a dangerous disease, men should pay attention - 1

When there are signs of unusual pain, you should be cautious and urgently go to the doctor (Artwork).

4. Painful urination

The prostate gland is one of the organs prone to aging in men. Most middle-aged and elderly men will experience prostate problems.

If prostate disease is severe, it will affect urination, causing difficulty in urination, painful urination accompanied by symptoms such as weak urine, frequent urination, and incomplete urination. Therefore, if there is a prostate problem, it needs to be treated promptly to avoid affecting normal life.

If the urine is dark brown, or there is blood in the urine, it is most likely due to a bladder infection or bladder cancer.

2 bad habits in men need to change promptly

Men often have some bad habits health has been established for a long time, but many people think that these habits are not a problem. However, in reality, they are very harmful to the body. Here are two bad habits that men need to change promptly if they want to stay healthy.

Pain in these 4 parts can be a sign of a dangerous disease, men should pay attention - 2

Long-term drinking habits can have a great impact on health (Artwork)

1. Excessive alcohol consumption

Many men often have to attend meetings and socialize and from there form a habit of drinking a lot of alcohol. Some are even addicted to alcohol. Regular alcohol abuse is very harmful to the body, especially to the liver, because more than 65% of alcohol entering the body is metabolized by the liver.

Only when the liver is healthy can toxins and wastes be eliminated from the body better. Drinking alcohol for a long time can increase the burden on the liver, causing liver damage. In addition, drinking alcohol regularly can also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is not good for health.

2. Eating without moderation

Pressure in life and work causes many men to form unhealthy eating habits such as eating irregularly, skipping breakfast or dinner.

When eating in moderation, gastric juices secreted into the stomach cannot be discharged in time, too much bile in the gastric juice is harmful to the stomach and gallbladder, long-term will cause stomach problems, often stomach pain , in severe cases can lead to gallstones.

In addition to adjusting bad habits in life, men also need to maintain a certain amount of exercise and always keep their mind at ease, which is very beneficial for health.

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