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Patient died after waiting for an ambulance for 1 hour, 4 people were fired and disciplined

The government of Shunyi district in the Chinese city of Beijing has fired a doctor and disciplined three others for being involved in delayed emergency care that left a man dead after suffering a heart attack.

According to the Global Times, in a statement published by the Thuan Nghia district government on May 29, the male patient, surnamed Song, called the emergency number 120 at 3:30 am (local time) on May 11 after feel chest pain.

China: Patient died after waiting for an ambulance for 1 hour, 4 people were fired and disciplined - Photo 1.

Medical staff in Shanghai transfer the patient to an ambulance. (Photo: Xinhua News Agency)

A few minutes later, the 120 emergency center of Thuan Nghia district sent a doctor, a nurse and a driver to perform emergency tasks.

Knowing the whereabouts of the patient Song was taking measures to control the Covid-19 epidemic, the medical team called a local hospital several times before learning that this hospital only accepted treatment for patients. a Covid-19 patient, so Song could not be admitted to the hospital.

At 4 a.m., the medical team called another hospital to confirm whether Song could be admitted. At this time, Mr. Song’s girlfriend told the emergency team that the boyfriend still felt pain in his chest, was sweating and felt very tired. However, the patient’s girlfriend said that Mr. Song had no history of heart attacks.

Meanwhile, the hospital side is being contacted by the emergency team, saying that Mr. Song should be transferred to another hospital because this medical facility is not capable of treating patients with heart attacks.

It was only when Mr. Song’s girlfriend informed him that his boyfriend’s symptoms were getting worse and worse, that the ambulance departed at 4:25 a.m., which is one hour later than the hour before. received the patient’s first distress call.

When he was taken to the ambulance, Mr. Song fell into a state of cardiac arrest. The patient was transferred to the emergency room for resuscitation, but did not regain consciousness. At 7:24 a.m. on the same day, Mr. Song was confirmed dead and the initial diagnosis was sudden death.

A statement from the Thuan Nghia district government emphasized that the main mistake of the emergency team was not sending an ambulance in time and not realizing that the patient was in an extremely dangerous state. In addition, the emergency team did not instruct Mr. Song and the patient’s girlfriend on how to give first aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

As a result, Dr. Liu Xiaoyun, who was sent to the emergency room for Mr. Song, was fired by the local health commission. Three others received disciplinary action as warnings.

“Thuan Nghia district health system should consider the incident as a warning, learn from the incident, and make adjustments to the entire system, as well as always adhere to the principle that people are first, life is Firstly”the announcement of Thuan Nghia district emphasized.

In the context of Beijing city struggling against the Covid-19 epidemic due to the raging of the Omicron mutation in the past month, many officials have been disciplined or fired in recent days. On May 27, the Fangshan district government announced that three officials in the local health commission were being investigated for alleged serious violations of discipline in the supervision and management of a medical laboratory.

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