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Picking up the old mattress from the landfill to use, the man was surprised when he checked inside

Many people often have the habit of hiding money or important papers in unexpected places so that no one can find them. Recently, a Chinese man accidentally picked up a mattress, unexpectedly hiding a “treasure” that was left by the previous owner.

According to page 163, the incident happened in Dalian city, in Liaoning province, China. At about 9 a.m. on May 27, 2022, Mr. Wang was walking through the garbage collection area of ​​an apartment complex when he saw an old sofa being discarded. Mr. Wang saw that the mattress on the sofa was still usable, so he decided to bring it home.

When he got home, Mr. Wang took off the outer cover of the mattress to wash it, intending to change the cover before using the mattress. Unexpectedly, at that moment, Mr. Wang saw a small plastic bag fall out. Curious to know what this is, Mr. Wang opened the plastic wrap and was surprised at what was inside.

Picking up the old mattress from the landfill to use, the man was surprised when he checked inside - 1

It turned out that there was a magazine in it, inside the magazine hid a stack of deposit slips, 5 passbooks and even a bank card. The total amount of which is up to 240,000 yuan (nearly 832 million dong).

Among these documents, there is a deposit note with the largest denomination of up to 100,000 yuan (nearly 347 million dong), which was sent at the end of December 2018. Mr. Wang said that this could be a salary passbook because it has a bank record and a fixed monthly deposit. As of April 2019, the amount deposited into this account has stopped working.

Mr. Wang could have taken this large amount of money, but he did not and decided to return it to its owner. However, Mr. Wang had no way of knowing who owned these passbooks and bank cards, so he actively contacted the property management department of the apartment complex and the police for help.

Police found a handwritten piece of paper inside the plastic wrap, but could not identify all the words on it, only the name of the depositor was Liu.

After that, the police continued to find the apartment management board. Through the security camera, they saw an image of an old woman who had thrown away this mattress not long ago. However, when the staff found the old woman, they received the answer that the old woman only picked up this mattress 3 years ago, completely unaware that there was a passbook hidden inside, let alone who it was. its true owner.

Currently, Dalian city police are still trying to find the owners of the passbooks and bank cards that Mr. Wang picked up. Mr. Wang hopes to find the owners as soon as possible to return the items. “If these deposits have not yet been withdrawn, it will be a substantial amount of money for its owners,” said Mr. Wang.

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