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Practice 7 SAVE Habits for a rich life

Everything in life requires spending money, from a few pennies on public transport to school fees for children and medicine for parents. Therefore, practicing the habit of saving is a must for everyone, even if they own huge assets. Money is not only earned through work, but also accumulated through savings.

Practice these 7 SAVING Habits for a rich life, let go of waste, find a rational lifestyle - Photo 1.

Before thinking about saving money in your monthly income, train yourself to live a frugal lifestyle. Contributing to the wind to become a storm, when you look back on the long way, you will discover how right you have lived.

1. Try to make your own breakfast

Breakfast is very important to energize for the new day. So don’t take it lightly and ignore it. However, if you are aiming for a frugal life, practice cooking breakfast for yourself, it is not necessary to eat out.

Cook breakfast, you can also bring an extra portion for lunch. Moreover, taking this opportunity, you also practice the habit of getting up early. At that time, you will realize that you have begun to live with principles, and your time is also much more abundant.

2. Don’t order food online

Practice these 7 SAVE Habits for a rich life, let go of waste, find a rational lifestyle - Photo 2.

Most of the online food is both expensive and unsafe. For office workers, ordering food and drinks online is really convenient and saves time. This also depends on the needs and preferences of each person.

If you consider ordering online to meet the needs of rich dining, there is no doubt. In return, you really want to cook food to take to work to save money but use the excuse that you don’t have time. This is a manifestation of not knowing how to arrange time, and at the same time not having the will to save, but only talking.

3. Limit unnecessary parties

In addition to company receptions, there will normally be no shortage of dining appointments with colleagues and friends. Sometimes it’s okay to have a light meal together. But the dense frequency will cost you a lot.

If you are implementing a thrift policy, then firmly refuse appointments that are not worth it. Real friends and colleagues will not cut ties with you because of these meals.

4. Control your desire to spend

Practice these 7 SAVING Habits for a rich life, let go of waste, find a rational lifestyle - Photo 4.

Spending money is about bringing comfort and joy to people. Every time I go shopping, it will be difficult to suppress the feeling of buying to buy, but when I pay the bill, I realize I have spent too much and regret it.

Get in the habit of listing the essentials, try to buy according to the list. That way you will avoid the times when you swing your arms over your forehead.

5. Change your attitude towards money

A person who wants to save must definitely learn how to make money, and should also be aware of the importance of money.

If you still think that money earned is to be spent, saving is really far away. Be aware of what your money-making goals are. A safe and full life or “live today first, calculate tomorrow” is up to you to choose!

6. Buy when necessary, do not buy because there is a discount program

Practice these 7 SAVING Habits for a rich life, let go of waste, find a rational lifestyle - Photo 6.

There is a lot of furniture in the house. If you take a closer look at your room, you will discover more than half of the things you don’t or rarely use.

Many people like to buy a lot of things because there are discount codes or promotions. Buy a lot, think that you know how to save when you take advantage of the offer. But in the end, they didn’t use it all, even abandoned a corner. So is this called savings?

7. Set a goal for saving money

We won’t be motivated if we can’t set specific goals for ourselves.

Determine how much money to set aside for a day/week/month to save. This requires you to be consistent and firm.

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