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Pregnant woman with her husband’s family begged to give up, decided to keep it and received a painful ending

PregnantGiving birth is always considered a “natural duty” of a woman. However, there are cases where women have some serious diseases and are advised by doctors not to get pregnant because pregnant women are not healthy enough to affect both themselves and the fetus. That is also the reason why the mother’s birth story below is controversial.

Wu Ying (25 years old, living in China) like many other women, after getting married always wanted to have a child. However, she herself has a history of severe heart disease, so the doctor warned that pregnancy and childbirth could be life-threatening. Her husband also repeatedly convinced Wu Ying that the two could live happily without children, and he would take care of her for the rest of her life. However, the more she was spoiled by her husband, the more Wu Ying wanted to have a child with him.

Pregnant woman with her husband's family begged to leave, decided to keep and then received a painful ending - 1

Wu Ying was determined to have a baby even though she knew it would be dangerous to her life.

“I know the risks, but I’ll bet once,” Wu Ying said when she found out she was pregnant for the third time. Before that, she had two miscarriages. Pregnancy can be “good news” for many families, but for Wu Ying’s husband and parents, this is like “lightning” news. The whole family actually begged her to terminate the pregnancy but the young mother firmly refused.

“She firmly chose to keep the pregnancy. She cried and begged us to let her have the baby. In the end, I had to agree.” Wu Ying’s husband recounted.

In May 2017, the young mother gave birth to her first son weighing 1kg by caesarean section. After the surgery, Wu Ying was immediately pushed into the intensive care room. 14 days later, she died here without having time to see her child’s face, risking her life to be born.

Pregnant woman with her husband's family begged to leave, decided to keep and then received a painful ending - 2

14 days after giving birth, Wu Ying died and did not have time to see his son’s face once.

It has been 5 years since Wu Ying passed away, but her story is sometimes repeated on social networks and causes many controversies around whether to give birth when her health is threatened.

Many women affirm that even if they have to bet their lives, they will choose to have children like Wu Ying. They believe that a woman’s life will be “incomplete” without a child. “A woman’s life will be very painful if she can’t have children. I have been through this so I understand her desire to have children.” one Weibo account wrote.

Besides supportive comments, there were also comments that Wu Ying’s decision to risk his life was not worth it.

“Her concept of having to have children to become perfect is outdated. Women should respect themselves and be kind to themselves”one person commented.

“Why doesn’t she think that her husband and parents also need her by her side. Now the child is born, but it also does not enjoy the mother’s love”another account commented.

Lin Jianhua, the head doctor of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Renji Hospital (Shanghai) said she often witnessed sick women risking their lives to get pregnant and give birth. These people are mainly from the countryside. Usually, women with medical problems are advised to terminate the pregnancy. However, if they refuse, the medical team has no choice but to accept and try to save both mother and child.

“They have many different reasons, from love for their husbands, the integrity of the family to social pressure. They told me they knew the risks but were forced to make the right choice to have a baby. We can’t force them to have an abortion.”Dr. Lin shared.

Situations that should not be pregnant

Pregnancy is the desire of many women, but the following cases should not be pregnant because of the danger to the life of both mother and child.

– People with severe heart disease, active tuberculosis, severe basedow, cancer undergoing radiation therapy can be life-threatening during pregnancy.

People with genetic diseases have a high risk of passing them on to their children. If you want to get pregnant, you need to consult a specialist to see if it is possible to screen healthy embryos.

– People with diabetes must have their blood sugar stabilized before they can get pregnant. Otherwise, you run the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, or abnormal growth.

– People with HIV should also think carefully before becoming pregnant. Although there are methods to prevent transmission to the baby, the process of pregnancy and childbirth causes the mother’s health to decline much, the resistance to decrease, the risk of turning from HIV to AIDS more quickly.

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