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Principal in Ha Tinh is constantly being ‘terrorized’, asking for false debt

A teacher took a loan from a financial company, but the principal, vice principal and other teachers in the school were constantly terrorized and smeared on social networks with the content “searching for subjects who colluded with teachers to cheat.” Borrowing money and not paying it back”.

Recently, teacher Dang Thai Man, Principal of Ha Tinh Ethnic Minority Boarding Secondary & High School, said that he had made a report to the Department of Information and Communications and the Police of Huong Khe district, proposing to deal with the fact that he and many teachers in the school were offended. on social networks.

According to Mr. Man, for the past few days, the teacher, the vice principal, and some teachers in the school have been posting untrue information on social networks with the content: “Finding scam teachers hiding at Ha Tinh Ethnic Boarding Secondary & High School…

Currently, these teachers are colluding with Mr. T. to borrow some money but have not paid the debt for several months, evade, call to pay the debt, then turn off the phone. Dear parents, students, when they see this information, they should think about whether to send their children to this school or not? Don’t let your child become a scammer.”

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In addition, these people also posted on Facebook libelous and fabricated content, along with the phone number and gmail address of the leader of Ha Tinh Ethnic Boarding Secondary & High School.

“I have sent a document to the authorities, requesting to stop and remove the content that is untrue, intentionally insults, and defames the honor and reputation of the school and teachers. Also ask them to post publicly apologizing to us on social networks; request the police to investigate, clarify, and handle violations of the law,” Mr. Man said.

Mr. Dang Thai Man said that the cause came from the fact that a teacher in the school owed money from a financial company, which was overdue but not paid in full, causing many teachers in the school to be persecuted and collected.

“In addition to bragging on social networks, they also called and texted me to collect debt, while me and other teachers had nothing to do with Mr. T’s debt,” said Mr. Man.

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