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Prosecuting 4 cases, arresting 7 accused of deforestation and land grabbing in Phu Quoc city

The price of land in Phu Quoc city has increased, since then many people have destroyed forests (in Phu Quoc National Park) to occupy land.

On the morning of May 30, the police of Phu Quoc City (Kien Giang) said that the CSDT had prosecuted 4 cases and detained 7 suspects to investigate the act of “Destroying the forest”.

The 7 accused include: Thach Van Bao (33 years old), Nguyen Van Huynh (40 years old), Nguyen Thanh Hien (35 years old), Pham Long Rin (36 years old), Tran Quoc Viet (36 years old), Le Van Chien (50 years old). age) and Bui Hoang Tranh (58 years old).

pha rung phu quoc 551
Seven accused of deforestation in Phu Quoc. Photo: Anh Vu

According to the initial investigation, Phu Quoc City’s functional forces discovered four large-scale deforestation cases in Duong To, Cua Duong, Cua Can and Duong Dong wards. Checking at the scene, functional forces discovered 3.5ha of forest was destroyed.

Through investigation, 7 defendants mentioned above, up to 6 people were hired by other subjects to clear forests. These people are greedy for wages from a few hundred thousand to several million dong/day, so they defy the law to destroy forests. Worth mentioning, the accused brought in a motor vehicle to destroy the forest.

bat giu viet va chien 552
Phu Quoc police arrested the accused Viet and Chien. Photo: Anh Vu

Lieutenant Colonel Le Minh Chanh, Deputy Chief of Phu Quoc City Police, said that recently, land prices in this city have tended to increase. watch, manage to cover, dismantle…

In particular, the subjects focused on special-use forests, protection, land managed by the state … to destroy, cover, encroach and build illegally.

Most of the subjects came from other places and took advantage of the time when rangers and patrolling forest guards had just left, then surreptitiously cut in. Their trick is to hire many different people, take advantage of the late night to divide into zones to cut and cut trees.. When they detect the authorities, they go to the forest to hide…

tranh cat nha tren dat bao chiem 553
Forest land in Phu Quoc was destroyed and illegally built houses. Photo: Anh Vu

“In order to actively prevent violations of the law in the field of forest protection as in the past time, the Phu Quoc City Police have advised the Party committee and government to develop plans, plans, mobilize forces organize patrols and arrests if violators are detected.

In addition to the 4 cases that have just been prosecuted and detained 7 suspects, the Phu Quoc City Police are verifying and clarifying a number of cases that have been and are happening to strictly handle them in accordance with the law,” said Lieutenant Colonel Le Minh Chanh. .


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