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Resume many activities in Beijing

The streets and subways in Beijing were much busier today, the first Monday when people in two districts were allowed to return to work, while the city was gradually easing epidemic prevention measures. Many people could not hide their joy when returning to work after many days at home due to the epidemic.

Mr. Li – A resident of Beijing, China said: “Going back to work, I feel like I’m alive again. Before, I stayed at home all the time, didn’t go out the door and didn’t go anywhere. I felt very bored. Going to work, at least I have work to do.”

Restoring many activities in Beijing - Photo 1.

After more than a month of implementing drastic measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, up to now, the epidemic situation in the capital Beijing is making positive changes. Up to now, the number of new cases per day has decreased for 7 consecutive days, including 2 consecutive days without community transmission.

Despite this, the Beijing city government still determines that the risk of a re-epidemic outbreak remains, so it continues to strictly implement anti-epidemic measures, and continues to promote the “Dynamic No COVID” policy. .

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